Cashmere Sky by Jared Hudson Review

When I saw this at MFF 2022 I knew I had to get a copy. But what I found…

According to it’s publisher

It’s story about a people and it’s world slowly being covered by this mysterious fog. Wars have been fought and won over what available land is left to occupy. As it’s inhabitants look towards the future.

They say it’s a great story for younger readers, but I say it’s more than that.

I am not exactly young, just young at heart. But the one thing you can say about me that I love a good story. Cashmere Sky is it, and more than just beyond a good tale. There are it’s mysteries, the fog being the biggest. Then there is the machine Enzo and Arlo discover in the forest and poor Arlo has to get his leg replaced. Then all of a sudden Arlo’s father Abram Cashmere is suddenly murdered.

What is this machine exactly and why was Abram killed? Most importantly what about this fog, and is anyone behind it?

Besides this you get great art, wonderful chemistry between all the characters, and a nagging feeling something bigger is going on behind the scenes. Although it’s subtle but you know it’s there.

I say Cashmere Sky is good for young adult to those like me who like a good story that you want to stick with to the very end.

For those who need numbers I give it a 9.5 out of 10

If you curious check out Cashmere Sky official site