Spatial Anomlies #1 by Scott Fabianek Review

I just to say I have been a fan of Scott Fabianek AKA Art Mutt for a very long time. I even follow them on Twitter. But some how Spatial Anomlies fell through the cracks with me until the recent MFF where I knew I had to get a copy.

Fenris Publishing describes it as

The Arrival

Pilot Zeke Wilder wakes up to find himself assigned to a cargo loading job in deep space with no memory of how or why he got there. Missing more than just memories, he is taken in by a crew of humans, aliens, and augmented animals who don’t plan on getting attached…

What you actually get is a very funny story about Zeke Wilder arriving at a station totally unaware that the station has Anthros and humans working side by side. With an anthro dog looking for a best friend, let me remind you he is more dog than anthro. Always wanting to sniff butts and to play, but he is an excellent pilot… at least that is what they say. Add in the fact that Zeke is a replacement for a another human who died. Of course they don’t day how. You soon realize that Zeke feels he got in way over his head.

What can I say I laughed through a majority of the story. I thought it genuine very funny, and encourage you to get a copy if you want a good laugh.

It’s $11.99 through it’s publisher

There are 2 more volumes waiting in the wings, can’t wait until Fenris decides to publish them


Turns out there is more to this and it happened recently

I knew of issues 2 and 3 but this extra news is fantastic

You can find previews of issues 1 – 3 here