Good Furry Award 2023 Nominees

14 Nominees have been chosen so far they include

Bash the Piñata, Brett Chise, Equinoxx, Fang, Feather, and Fin (Tofte, Chipper, and Gale), Jeff Snider (Scruffywoofie), Kite’s Windswept Wanderings, Mango Peach the axollama, Moms of Furries, Rusty Bourne, ​Shrapnel Vargr, Star Raccoon, ​TheGothiccCinnibon, VancouFUR staff (group nominees), Volf.

Descriptions why they were nominated

Most notably Moms of Furries who in my opinion has done more to help the fandom and furries in general than even some cons.

Will update later

Argentina Fur Fiesta 2023 Reg Open

Date and Location set June 16 to 18, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina