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Calls for Dealers Den, DJs, Activities, Dance Competition and Art are open!

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Argentina Fur Fiesta 2023 Reg Open

Date and Location set June 16 to 18, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wild Prairie Fur Con/ Argentina Fur Fiesta Numbers

Meanwhile in Argentina

That ARS number works out to almost $8,200 congrats

Argentina Furry Fiesta Sold Out

I swear if some area did not still have limits of gatherings, they would have a record turn out

Fur Con News: Argentina Fur Fiesta Seeks Fursuiters, Painted Desert Fur Con names Chalk Rat guest of honor

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Painted Desert Fur Con names local artist Chalk Rat guest of honor for year-end convention

Fur Con News: Argentina Fur Fiesta, Alamo City Furry Invasion

Argentina Fur Fiesta Giveaway


This year there is no registration and tickets are FREE! 🤩

If you help us make Baubao’s Haunted House incredible, there is a reward! 😍

Badges, t-shirts, goodies, we have a lot to gift away! 💸

👏Collaborate until 09/15

Alamo City Furry Invasion Sponsor+ Tee

Apocalyptic streetwear never looked so fire. 😎

No seriously, I stood in the Texas sun too long & literally caught fire. 🔥 😬

Also available as a Sponsor item & at the onsite con store. #ACFI2021

🎨 @TinyBunner🎨

Shirts by @artworktee

Fur Con News: Argentina Fur Fiesta, Furrydelphia, South Afrifur

What is Saturday ArFF Live?

Saturday ArFF Live is an online liveshow approximately 2 hours long.
In this segment you will find out all about the latest news of the event. It is also a unique opportunity to interact with the Argentina FurFiesta Staff and ask anything you want to know about the event.

Do you want to participate?

During the liveshow we will receive questions and interact with the audience. If you want to participate, we are waiting for you in our telegram chat which you can enter through our news channel:

Full details here

Furrydelphia Registration is NOW Open

Register to attend at While you’re at it, check out the rest of our website for panel and DJ applications, hotel information, and our COVID-19 FAQ.

South Afrifur Presents

LINK For The Interview

That’s 2PM ET

Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, Argentina FurFiesta

The Next Brasil FurFest

Participe da BFF Online, uma convenção furry na internet, que vai rolar de 16 a 18 de julho no Hopin! Não é call! Não é live! É um evento similar a BFF do hotel. Com palco principal, salas e bazar furry! Tudo por vídeo, áudio e texto! Mais informações


Join BFF Online, an internet furry convention that will take place from July 16th to 18th at Hopin! It's not a call! It's not live! It is an event similar to the hotel's BFF. With main stage, rooms and furry bazaar! All by video, audio and text! More information 

Argentina FurFiesta Charity Donation

234 Adventurers joined their hearts in their passage through ArFF; Saga to defeat SSar-mud.

Together they managed to donate to Bocalán Argentina the incredible sum of: ARS 80 647 (Approx 1900 USD)

Thanks for 3 amazing days.