The Good Furry Award Voting Started

There are more than 25 candidates that so richly deserve the prize the rest is up to you.

Good Furry Award 2023 Nominees

14 Nominees have been chosen so far they include

Bash the Piñata, Brett Chise, Equinoxx, Fang, Feather, and Fin (Tofte, Chipper, and Gale), Jeff Snider (Scruffywoofie), Kite’s Windswept Wanderings, Mango Peach the axollama, Moms of Furries, Rusty Bourne, ​Shrapnel Vargr, Star Raccoon, ​TheGothiccCinnibon, VancouFUR staff (group nominees), Volf.

Descriptions why they were nominated

Most notably Moms of Furries who in my opinion has done more to help the fandom and furries in general than even some cons.

Will update later

The Good Furry Award 2023 Nominations are Now Open

If you know someone who deserves to stand with past Winners

  • ​2019: Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett
  • 2020: Ash Coyote
  • 2021: Cassidy Civet
  • 2022: Soatok Dhole

Details can be found here

Good Furry Award Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 Winners

Quote from Kevin Hile

Mark Merlino and Rod O’Riley proudly received their Lifetime Achievement Award from the Good Furry Awards and Uncle Bear Publishing. CONGRATULATIONS on being the first recipients of this prestigious prize! You deserve it!

The Good Furry Award 2022 Winner

The winners of the Good Furry Award this year are . . .

First Place: Soatok Dhole

Honorable Mentions: Adlere the Eagle, Splitz the Dutchie, and Xusho Wolf.

Lifetime Achievement Award (joint winners): Mark Merlino and Rod O’Riley,

Congratulations to the winners and to all nominees! Stay tuned for next year!

Good Furry Award 2022 Voting Has Opened

To Vote

Candidate Descriptions

To who has been nominated here is the list

Adler the Eagle

Bad Boy Bunny

The Beach Bears

Benji the Beagle


B J Hughes

Blaster 76606

Brett Chise

Ceil Fox

Croc O’Dile / Microdile

Gimpy Merc

Jessica Owens (Rally)

Joe G Bear

Kathy Gerbasi


Mango Peach (Hunter Fusky)

Mark Barks


Noelle “Wyld” White

Paco Panda

Sharon Roberts


Soatok Dhole

Splitz the Dutchie



Thabo Meerkat

Tonya Song

Weasel (Izzy Torres)


Xavier Fox

Xusho Wolf

After reading a few of the descriptions they are all worthy candidates. Personally I will not be pushing for one as I have done previously as it isn’t my place to. The truth is most of them I never heard of but that is common in the furry fandom. We are so big, that no one can be everywhere, that’s why site’s like mine try and fill you in on events that are happening around the world.

My real advise is go through the descriptions and vote for the one you feel deserves it more. Frankly I wish I could vote for all of them