MCFC PS5 Raffle

A great console with a great game this one is hard to pass up

The video game room at #MCFC23 isn’t JUST the home of amazing arcade and claw machines (“The Claaaaaaaaw”) – you can also join the raffle to win a PS5, courtesy of Savestate!

Why GoldenEye ACTUALLY took 26 YEARS to be Re-Released | Fact Hunt Special | Larry Bundy Jr

Eurofurence Reg Open

The only thing worth noting is the Stage Ticket, something not seen at other cons

Changes @ SCFC Board

In an Official Announcement

@ShadowLeRawr has stepped down as President of SCRUFF and Chair of SCFC due to a current life emergency, The Current BOD has elected to have @Scooby_Shep replace @ShadowLerawr as President and Chair of SCFC.

If You Have Any Questions Please Reach out to @Scooby_Shep
Thank You

Furrydelphia Reg Open

No I didn’t just copy something from Ikea this is Furrydelphia’s Registration page

It’s apart of this year’s theme