MCFC 2022 Group Photo/ Open Letter

Dear MCFC 2022 Attendees, An Open Letter

To the Attendees of MCFC

Today we want to thank the vast majority of our attendees for making MCFC the amazing con it is. We appreciate your donations to our charity and we are overjoyed by the fun you have when here. This makes all the hard work over the year (5 months in this case) totally worth it.

However, we unfortunately have to address several issues that were brought to our attention by the hotel after the convention. We are lucky to have a good hotel team that is still willing to work with us and these problems are not irreparable, but these issues do need to be addressed. We have chosen to break these down and ask everyone who has attended to read through them. MCFC is your con as much as it is ours and some of these issues, whether you were part of the problem or not, will require all of us to fix.

The first part of this statement is a rather unpleasant topic. We were informed that in the late night hours the public bathrooms were left in varying states of unsanitary conditions by our attendees. The hotel noted that some guest rooms had sanitation issues as well. The hotel went as far as to describe the conditions as a “biohazard.” While it is the hotel’s responsibility to take care of the restrooms and clean the hotel rooms, this responsibility extends to “normal use” and the conditions present significantly exceeded that threshold.

Vomit in Public Bathrooms and Guest Rooms

MCFC is well known for providing a party atmosphere and we understand that there is a desire to go a bit harder partying seeing your friends once more. Getting a little drunk and partying has never been something we wanted to limit but this year there were reports of excessive cases of vomit left unreported and found by hotel staff in the public bathrooms. Several hotel rooms were also left in a poor state. Going forward, we ask that our attendees be more respectful of the hotel. Please watch your alcohol consumption. Take your time and manage yourselves and your friends, if necessary, so everyone can have a good time. We do know that the inevitable will happen on occasion, but the frequency with which it occurred this year was not acceptable. In the future, please try your best to clean up after yourselves, to the best of your ability, or offer assistance to the hotel staff, especially in your own rooms. That said, we intend to increase the frequency of safety sweeps, adjust some things in the Sponsors Lounge, and ask the hotel to keep track of any rooms that tend to be problematic and will act accordingly if needed. You may also be subject to additional cleaning fees for your room.

Leaving Public Bathrooms and Hotel Rooms in an Unsanitary Condition #2

We received reports of multiple occurrences of feces on public restroom walls and private room bathrooms in a manner that is inconsistent with illness or accidents. Some guest rooms had feces left on beds or in sheets. This behavior is unacceptable and we have encouraged the hotel to assess fees and keep track of what rooms may have been left in this condition. Accidents can happen, but please clean up after yourself, ESPECIALLY in your own room, and notify the hotel about the situation if needed. If they need to take care of that sort of issue, sooner is better than later.

ABDL/Adult Diapers

This is a subject that is quite volatile in the Furry community as of late and we want to begin by acknowledging that the ABDL community as a whole is filled with good people who know how to act properly and this section is to address the bad actors. We have reached out to the local community and asked them to talk to their members, but we want to implore the ABDL/Baby Fur community as a whole to work within themselves to address these shortcomings. There were reports of several instances of adult diapers left in public bathrooms, in stalls, on countertops and trash cans filled with them. We understand that wearing diapers is part of being in the ABDL community, but we are asking you to not leave these items in public spaces and to return to your rooms to deal with them. We also ask that, out of respect for the hotel staff, you double bag and dispose of them in a manner that requires minimum contact between the hotel staff and these items. If you need extra trash bags, please ask at the front desk. They would gladly supply you with extra rather than encounter a nasty surprise in the room.

Public Displays of Affection

The furry community has always been a rather affectionate group of people. Between consenting adults hugs, cuddles, kisses, or even a friendly squeeze of the butt are not uncommon. We respect this. However, we did have a few reports of people, shall we say, rounding 3rd base sliding for home. Please if you want to put on a show invite your friends back to the room but we ask you keep the PDA to appropriate levels for a hotel lobby/public spaces.

Sleeping in Lobby/Cars/Other

We understand hotel space is limited and we are working with the overflow hotels to offer more space. That being said, we had reports of people sleeping in public areas of the hotel, their cars, or locations other than an appropriate space. We can’t allow this to happen and we request you do your best to make sure you’re in a condition to drive home, make it to the overflow hotel, etc.

We are sorry to have to post this letter and take some of the joy away from an otherwise good experience of MCFC 2022. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in making improvements in these areas. If you see something going on that shouldn’t bring it to the attention of security staff. If it’s your friends please tell them to stop. We are a small staff and can’t do it alone. We appreciate your help in this matter. We appreciate your help in continuing to prove to our hotel what an awesome group of people we are that can outshine these troublesome complaints this year and put this in the past.

The MCFC Board of Directors

MCFC 2022 Guests of Honors

Luna the Cute is a furry artist and SaveState is a great comic

Guests Of Honor tiiiime! We’re proud to finally announce our #MCFC2022 GoH’s: LunaTheCute (@Luna_TheCute) and Tim Weeks of Savestate (@SavestateComic)! Come on over and read about them at:

Fur Con News: Motor City Fur Con

Which is scheduled for…

That’s right – we’re currently a go for our new dates: October 8 – 10, 2021. The summer heat is gone. The leaves on the trees starting to change. Pumpkin spice. And MCFC right there in the middle of it all in the fall!

And along with that, we have a new home: The Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest. We’ll have some more information on that soon. Also see some important information about it below, especially in relation to Sponsors.

It’s COVID Policy

Vaccination Against COVID-19 Will Be Required to Attend MCFC 2021

Previously we’d announced that anyone unable to show proof of vaccination would be allowed in, under provision of remaining masked the entire time. With the rising COVID-19 rates we’re seeing right now, especially with the delta, lambda, and who knows what other variants we might see popping up, we could not see a path forward to holding a convention at this time without changing that. So in the interest of the safety of all our attendees (♥ you all) and your families, COVID-19 vaccination will be required this year.

We’ve been figuring out everything we’ll need to do to make this happen, but at the moment we don’t anticipate allowing any exceptions to the rule. And as always, our policies may be updated in accordance with any changes to state and local guidelines.

Now on to the specifics:

Receive Your Vaccination by Thursday, September 23

Remember, you’re considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine (such as the Johnson & Johnson Jannsen vaccine,) or two weeks after receiving the second dose of a 2-dose series vaccine (such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.) As such, you must receive all doses of the vaccine by September 23, 2021. If you’ve not yet received your vaccine, they’re available free of charge, and probably at a location close to you!

COVID-19 Vaccination Proof

The types of proof we will accept is at this time still the same as before. The list includes but may not be limited to:

  • An original, or digital picture of an authentic United States CDC COVID-19 vaccination card. This is most likely what you’ll have.
  • An official original document, or digital screen showing an official Canadian province vaccine record, an EU vaccination certificate, or similar record issued by the healthcare provider in your region that administered your vaccination.
  • A digital screen of a patient portal showing COVID-19 vaccination dates, such as UofM’s MyChart.
  • A verifiable letter from a licensed healthcare professional attesting that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Show Us At the Con

When you get to the con, be prepared to show your documentation to registration staff in order to receive your badge. Don’t forget it at home — add it to your con packing list!

We will not retain any of the documentation, or record any of the information. Just, no proof, no badge. And please don’t send it to us ahead of time.

They also advise that there is always MCFC 2022

Fur Con News: Fur Squared (USA), MCFC

Fur Squared Posted the following on Twitter

Which sparked some controversy simply because in previous years Fur Squared was held at the Sheridan in Brookfield, WI. Also a Google search revealed no such hotel in Wisconsin.

Motor City Fur Con

MCFC 2020-One Registration, Hotel Available June 26

 by Drykath Posted on 2 days, 12 hours ago

MCFC is still a go for our new dates: October 8 – 10, 2021. We’ve been working on getting everything ready, and are just about ready to turn things over to you for the next steps!

What does that mean? Well…

Registration and Hotel Reservations open June 26th!

Yep! Add it to your calendar, registration will re-open and hotel reservation information will become available June 26th at Noon Eastern. We’ll have more specific details coming out soon, but at the least we wanted to get you looking ahead to that date.

Key Dates

  • June 26: Registration re-opens, hotel registration is available
  • July 1st: Last day for refund requests, registrations can be moved to 2022 afterward
  • August 1st/ish: Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • September 1st/ish: Final Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • October 8 – 10: MCFC 2021!

Fur Con News: MCFC Has Been Rescheduled!

That’s right – we’re currently a go for our new dates: October 8 – 10, 2021. The summer heat is gone. The leaves on the trees starting to change. Pumpkin spice. And MCFC right there in the middle of it all in the fall!

And along with that, we have a new home: The Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest. We’ll have some more information on that soon. Also see some important information about it below, especially in relation to Sponsors.

We’ll get back to that soon. First, we want to address:

Wait, now? Why?

COVID-19 hit us all very hard, and we’ve seen the impact it’s had on the community. One whole year has passed, a seemingly endless not-quite-quarantine. No conventions, no parties, very little social interaction; friends, family kept at a distance for so, so very long.

The COVID-19 vaccines, on the other hand, are now generally available for everyone to receive. Recent indications point to there being a surplus, suggesting that the demand for the vaccine is being met, and that everyone is able to get those shots well before the fall. And even now some of the projections put us at having at least some degree of herd immunity by late 2021.

Cautious as we may still be, we have a strong hope that we can make this happen, and we want to extend this feeling of hope to you. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, in other words. So, we felt we had to at least give it a try, and bring some brightness back to our little furry corner of the world.

And if we can’t, we can’t.

Just like the start of this pandemic, things can change so rapidly. The projections might not end up where we want them to be, or public policies may not allow events to happen.

We hope it doesn’t come to that, but if we must postpone again to keep everything safe, we’ll postpone again. We’ll be posting periodic updates as time goes on, letting you know how things are looking for the con. But as of now, we’re a go for October.

What will you do to keep us safe?

We’re still working out the details, but there will likely be changes to your convention experience. You can plan on masks and some degree of social distancing. We might have to limit attendance and registration numbers.

But over the next couple of months we’ll be looking to state and local health officials for guidance on the policies we’ll need to set, in addition to the hotel’s own policies.

The situation is constantly evolving, which certainly frustrates planning. Thank you for your patience as we work out the policies we’ll need to make this happen. Keep an eye out for updates along the way as we get closer to the con.

Will vaccination be a requirement to attend?

We’re not sure yet; we’re still working out the details on what we’ll need to do on this, too.

At this time, we’re not anticipating making vaccination mandatory for attendance. The vaccination cards are unfortunately easy to fake and difficult to authenticate. And again, we’re hoping for some degree of herd immunity by that time, where enough people have the vaccine and have had it long enough that it doesn’t matter if there are a few attendees that don’t.

However, it’s always possible the recovery from the pandemic won’t be as far along as we’d hoped. And of course we would be required to comply with any federal, state, or local mandates for events, or venue policies, should any be in effect at that time. In any case, it’s certainly possible that will be required. We’ll keep this status updated, and post about it periodically to keep you up to date.

If you want to be sure you can attend, go ahead and get the vaccine, if you can. It’s a very good idea anyway.

What if I can’t/don’t feel comfortable attending?

Again, our new dates are October 8 – 10, 2021. If you registered in late 2019 or early 2020, your registration has been carried over to our 2021 dates. If you’re unable to attend, or don’t feel comfortable attending at that time, you have the option to cancel that registration and receive a refund until July 1st, 2021.

If you’re not sure if you’re still registered, or if you need some additional instructions for requesting the refund, keep an eye out for an email from soon with everything you need to know.

After July 1st, if you’re unable to attend you’ll instead be able to move your registration to 2022. That option will extend and be available up until the convention itself. The hotel will have a cancellation policy that will let you release the room a few days before check-in. We know it’s no fun missing a convention, but if you’re not feeling well before the con, please stay home.

Is MCFC forever now a fall con?!

Don’t know yet! Let’s see how it works this year!

Sponsors Lounge Food Change

The change in venue brings with some other needed changes. Long story short, we will no longer be able to offer full meals in our Sponsors Lounge.

We will have individually packaged snacks (chips, popcorn, etc), hot appetizers, bottled water and soda available, however. Sponsors will also receive a voucher for the food stations the hotel will have set up. And our usual beer/cider hours will certainly still be a thing.

We know many of you are still registered as a sponsor, perhaps in anticipation of those meals being a perk. If you were hard-set on those meals, we don’t have a sponsorship downgrade path. Instead, we recommend waiting until registration is open, and using the refund option on your current registration and then re-registering as at the normal attendee level.

The Super Sponsor brunch is unaffected, and is still in the plans, however!


If you were selected as a dealer before, and haven’t canceled your registration, you should still be on the list for 2021. Keep an eye out for an email for details on that soon. If you have any questions, or won’t be able to attend as a vendor during our 2021 dates, please get in touch with the volunteer team.


Similarly, if you were selected as a panelist before and haven’t canceled your registration, you should still be on the schedule for 2021. If you have any questions, or won’t be able to run any of your scheduled panels during our 2021 dates, please get in touch with the volunteer team.

Key Dates

  • Registration re-opens: TBD, likely around June
  • Hotel reservations opens: TBD (but probably will coincide with registration)
  • July 1st: Last day for refund requests, registrations can be moved to 2022 afterward
  • August 1st/ish: Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • September 1st/ish: Final Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • October 8 – 10: MCFC 2021!

COVID-19 Report: FurryEST, MCFC

FurryEST which is a furry camping events that takes place in July in Estonia cancelled this years gathering.

I will go on record unlike other sites and say I honestly missed this one MCFC which takes place normally in July while in Southfield, MI USA back in the 1st week of April obviously cancelled.

On MCFC they posted the following statement from Con Chair Keet Collie

Hello everybody, my name is Keet. I am the convention chairman for Motor City Furry Con. Today I would like to have a frank discussion with you about the prospects of running the con this year. I personally do not believe in sugar-coating anything or coming up with flowery words. I would like to give everyone this information as straightforward and honestly as possible. Over the last month, both myself and the board of directors for the convention have been investigating the option of running MCFC during the fall of 2020. As many of you may know, there are a number of factors which would affect the
decision to run the event this year. Those factors include, but are not limited to, the hotel’s capacity to accommodate us, our staff’s ability to adjust to the new dates, and our attendees’ ability to come to the convention, given the high rate of unemployment and loss of income and P.T.O. All of these affect the financial ability of our convention to operate. We have taken these factors into account, and though our hotel is willing to work with us and our staff is more than capable to move to new dates, with the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided it would not be a prudent decision to run the event this year. Although we would like nothing more than to put on this event later in the year,
we feel, as a board, that it is in the best interest of the con and our attendees to postpone until 2021. We do not take this decision lightly and it saddens us greatly to have to postpone MCFC until 2021, but it feels like the right decision for everyone involved. We also felt it was prudent to not scramble to try to run an event later on in the year, as there are many already planned and established events running in that timeframe. We would like to not have a negative impact on other conventions, and we encourage you to support them during this unprecedented time. Additionally, as many of you may understand,
there are a certain number of fixed costs involved with running an event which cannot be reduced. We felt it is better to not cut other costs and provide a sub-par event in 2020, with the possibility of damaging our ability to run the event in future years. Our intention is to postpone the convention to 2021, when we can hit the ground running to give you the best event we possibly can. Please take heart in the fact that MCFC is in a good financial and staffing position to continue on after this setback. We look forward to welcoming you back next year. I know this is a great disappointment to all of you and to a great number of our staff, and I appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to email us at

COVID-19 Report

MCFC 2020 Not Cancelled but Postponed

Brasil FurFest Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The following is a translation of what was posted HERE on their official site

Brasil FurFest staff continues to monitor the situation of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and its developments.

We are aware of all the temporary restrictive measures taken by the city of Santos and the state of São Paulo to combat the spread of the disease.

We would like to clarify that, at the moment, the Brasil FurFest staff continues with the intention of holding the event on the previously announced dates: from July 31 to August 2, at the Mercure Hotel, in Santos, SP.

All decisions about Brasil FurFest 2020 in relation to the New Coronavirus will be taken calmly, always aiming at the health of the participants, staff and others involved in the event.
An eventual postponement or cancellation of Brasil FurFest 2020 will be decided at a future time if the legal restrictions for the event still exist, according to the recommendations of doctors, the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and observing local laws and determinations regarding the theme.

If the postponement or cancellation of Brasil FurFest 2020 actually happens, information on refunds and / or rescheduling of tickets will be announced in due course.

We remind you that all communications from BFF will be made only on our page, on our Telegram ad channel ( and also on our social media.

The time is now to contain the virus and we recommend that all furries STAY AT HOME if possible and do social isolation. We will all take the necessary precautions, such as avoiding being less than a meter from other people, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, using 70% alcohol gel, coughing using your arm to cover your mouth, in addition to seeking updates and other information about the disease through Dial Health 136 or on the Ministry of Health website:

Being attentive and following the government’s recommendations and determinations is necessary to avoid contagion or spread the disease, especially for the elderly and people with respiratory problems.

Brasil FurFest Staff
#stay at home

COVID-19 Effects More Fur Cons

Golden State Furmeet Postponed

Gateway Furmeet Canceled

Full Press Release can be found HERE

Motor City Fur Con Postponed

Editor’s Note

Because of the recent cancellations and postponements I am temporary suspending my monthly fur con list until further notice. I highly recommend you follow on Twitter any con your are panning to attend to see if it’s actually taking place.