StratosFur Registration Now Open

That is correct, if your going to StratosFur you can now actually register LINK

To what Levels there isn’t much to choose

But anyway choosing Sponsor shows your support of the con, otherwise you can go Basic

Stratos Fur To Open Dealer Sign-ups Feb 2022

DEALERS! Mark your calendars

Stratosfur is opening dealers applications on February 10 2022.

Please visit our Dealers page to view our policies

Furnal Equinox Seeks DJs, StratosFur Seeks Staff

Folks, our DJ application is now live on the website! Once you’ve read and agreed to the rules, you can submit your demos to our Dance team via the form here:

As Stratosfur grows, we are in need of more crewmembers(Staff). Passengers that would like to become crew members submit your application from our site

Art: happydrew(twitter)

StratosFur Sets 2022 Date, Vancoufur seeks new Con Chair


WE ARE SET FOR JUNE 10-12 2022

We have expanded to a 3 day con. We will announce other details(dealers, panels, etc) in the next couple of months. We are excited to see you all again.

Fur Con News: 4 Fur Cons Set COVID-19 Policies

Furry Migration

Mask Mandate

With the increased risk of the Covid-19 Delta variant Furry Migration has revised its mask mandate for Furry Migration 2021.

Masks will be required while in convention space. This does not include public areas of the hotel or private rooms. While in public areas of the hotel, you will have to follow the hotel’s guidelines.

But you also MUST be vaccinated

Full details can be found HERE

Wild Times (Germany)

Wild Times 2021 Will Be For Fully Vaccinated-Only (UPDATE!)

After talks with the health department we got to the (unavoidable) conclusion that Wild Times 2021 can only be held for those who are fully vaccinated (with only very few exceptions possible e.g. for health reasons).

Please keep in mind that you will need to be tested the day you arrive ADDITIONALLY to showing proof of vaccination. We will announce our plans in this regards soon (after more talks with the health department).

If you want to attend Wild Times and don’t have a slot yet, please keep in mind that you need to be fully vaccinated by the start of Wild Times. If you are not sure what this means and/or have problems to count as “fully vaccinated” you can always message @Kerubia. He can also add you to the notification list for open slots for Wild Times!

Thank you for your understanding,
Wild Times Orga (and of course Weasel

Original post can be found here

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con


Originally posted to their Telegram

Fur Con News: StratosFur, Further Confusion

Call this the after effects of a pandemic, unfortunity we have not seen the last of these limits

Further Confusion sets date for IN PERSON Con

We are excited to announce that FurCon 2022 is officially a GO!! Planned for an IN-PERSON event – Thursday January – Monday, January 17th, 2022 at the San Jose Convention Center (safety dictating). Hotels/registration info and updates will be announced via Twitter

My Interview with the Con Chair of Stratosfur

Stratosfur is a brand new fur con which is to take place Aug 14 & 15 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Houston Intercontinental Airport. I know from previous interviews I had that setting up a brand new fur con can be hard, as there is so much to do. But combined with this current pandemic, and all the uncertainties between now and August. I really wish them the best of luck.

I was happy that Nite, Stratosfur’s Con Chair even agreed to this interview.

FT: I want to start out with how Stratosfur was founded

Nite: The con was founded by a small group of Houston locals that wanted a con in Houston. After a trip to TFF some were inspired and started exploring the idea of a Houston con. There had always been talk of a con in Houston but with their push its finally happening.

FT: Was getting funding hard?

Nite: It was. There were plans to have special meets as fundraisers. The bowlings meets i hosted actually kicked it off and the first meets was a giant success. But this was January 2020. So covid came in and shut those plans down. Now we have a few houston locals that have pitched in. Myself including buying some items the con needs.

FT: That is so nice to hear it was grassroots. How was getting the hotel involved, such as getting space for the con?

Nite: Ideas for locations were taken from locals. Many suggested where previous anime cons were held. The board did their research on each of those locations before making a final selection. Our current location is near Bush intercontinental so its a big help if anyone flies in.

FT: I live in Chicago and the Hyatt Regency where MFF does there con it’s in a great location right next to the airport. And the name Stratosfur where did that come from? I could only assume it has something to do with Houston’s history with NASA.

Nite: Originally the con name was space city furcon. This name for a Houston con has been around since i can remember. The name changed, i believe because of a comic con here with the name space city.

Yes we did want to stay with the space theme so Stratosfur was a good pick to represent Houston.

FT: It is a good name, Is there is there anything you can talk about plans for the con such as dealers area and fursuit parade? I understand it’s early.

Nite: Dealers we i could. Fursuit parade we are still working on plans for that.

At the moment we have 2 plans for dealers. 1st plan is to keep dealers socially distanced and not over crowd the room. We are assuming the covid restrictions will be in place still. The hope is that we as a nation are close to herd immunity.

The second plan is if we have a green light and there are no restrictions so we run as normal.

As the situation with covid evolves we evaluate the plans and adjust if needed.

FT: I know that is what got a lot of cons are thinking. How do you run a con during the middle of this?
Do you limit attendance or not?

Is there anything you like to add?

Nite: There are alot of changes and things to rework and its alot of work for us. Our hope is that the current administration is correct and by may immunization will be available for everyone. As mentioned before we are looking at news for this everyday.

We dont have plans to limit attendance. But we will limit room capacity to keep people socially distanced.

Still I seriously wish them the very best.