Furrydelphia Reg Open

No I didn’t just copy something from Ikea this is Furrydelphia’s Registration page

It’s apart of this year’s theme https://furrydelphia.org/register/

Furrydelphia Totals

So you might be wondering how does this compare to the last Furrydelphia which was held in 2019. It saw 1332 attendees. Beating it’s own total by 949, making it the 8th con to smash previous attendance totals

Furry Feud @ Furrydelphia / Furway sets 2023 date

Sign up here

Furway (Norway) Sets 2023 date

Furrydelphia Pre-Reg Closes July 24

Meanwhile you can still Register here

Furrydelphia GoH Jib Kodi

Well deserved in my opinion, I met Jib Kodi at MFF and I am happy to say they are so very nice.

Furrydelphia Opens Marketplace Applications

Applications for Dealers Den & Night Market at #Furrydelphia2022 are open now!! Apply today for either our usual SFW daytime Dealers Den, or our first ever after-dark NSFW Night Market at http://dealers.furrydelphia.org

Chinese Fur Con Sets 2022 Date, Furrydelphia Changes Hotels

GFTV is reporting

Chinese furry event organisation Central China Furry Union, or CCFU, have released details about their 2022 convention Friday (Oct 15). Information about their mascots are released, and event pre-sign ups are now open.

Themed “Steamworks,” the furcon is set to hold 15 Oct next year, at the Wanghe Hotel in Wuhan city.

Fur Con News: Furnal Equinox Plans for 2022, Furrydelphia Sets date for 2022

Furnal Equinox (Canada) Plans for 2022

We plan to have an in-person convention in March 2022. You can find the exact dates on our homepage.
Registration for the in-person FE 2022 convention will open at the end of the month.

  • We  will also have a virtual event as part of Furnal Equinox 2022 — more details will be announced at a later date
  • Existing registrations for FE 2020 who have not received coupons/refunds will be rolled over to the 2022 event. We will be sending out information with instructions for our new registration page soon.
  • Hotel bookings will open in October. A separate block will be reserved for Dealers, and they will be contacted in the coming weeks with more information.
  • We are not limiting attendance for the event at this time.
  • All attendees will need to agree to our new policies, including those for COVID, in order to complete their registration. This will appear as a mandatory checkbox on the registration form.
  • In the event of any changes, we will provide updates through our social media channels and on our website. We will provide as much notice as possible.

Furrydelphia sets date for next IN PERSON con

Fur Con News: Further Confusion, Furrydelphia

In the wake of the troubles at the most recent Megaplex both Further Confusion and Furrydelphia changed their Code of Conduct. Which I suggest you read, if planning on attending.


Fur Con News: Furrydelphia, Confuror

Furrydelphia plans not to set a limit on Attendance. But still will require Vaccination Cards

Confuror Moves 2021 Gathering to 2022 from their site

Note on the decisions taken for the 2021 edition facing the backdrop of the pandemic in the second half of the year.Guadalajara, México. 07/09/21

Due to the uncertainty caused by the recent circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic and thinking about the safety of our attendees in the face of the threat of a rebound of contagions, we are in the need to temporarily suspend our online registration form and move our contract with the venue from 2021 to 2022, waiting for better conditions to hold the convention as we envision it, without posing any risk to anyone. Online registration will re-open with the new rates for the 2022 edition sometime this year or early 2022. We will announce these rates and new registration dates when appropriate.

All tickets purchased during the 2020-2021 period will remain valid for the next full in-person edition of the event, which will be held during October 2022. Exact dates are pending confirmation and will be announced as soon as they become available. No action is required to transfer your current ticket to 2022.

This year we plan to hold an online event similar to the one executed during 2020, tentatively on the announced dates (October 28-31), the online activities will be public access and no registration is required to participate.