Nordic Fuzz Con (Sweden) Cancelled

As announced on their Telegram

We can now confirm that NordicFuzzCon 2022 is cancelled. We finally reached an agreement on the contract a few hours ago. After negotiations over the previous two weeks with our partners, we were able to achieve cancellation terms that work for NFC and help to ensure the future viability of the convention.

Those who have chosen the roll-over option will have their registration rolled-over to NFC 2023. Anyone who has not yet chosen to roll-over is still able to do so via their NFC Account page ( The dates for NFC 2023 are February 22nd through 26th.

Thank you for your patience while we have worked through the various options on the table for NFC this year. The overwhelming majority of you have committed to rolling-over to 2023 – this was a key part of helping ensure the financial viability of rolling-over and we are deeply grateful for your support. While we are disappointed about not being able to see you all in Malmö this year, we feel this is the best option for attendees’ safety and enjoyment, staff planning, and the convention as a whole.

More information is available on the NFC website

Nordic Fuzz Con (Sweden) COVID Policy

Which leaves the question what is Sweden’s COVID Policy?

  • Indoor public gatherings and events with more than 20 participants may only have a seated audience regardless of whether or not vaccination certificates are used. Without vaccination certificates, the size of groups is limited to a maximum of 8 people, with a distance of one metre between groups. There is an exemption for religious gatherings.
  • Indoor public gatherings and events with more than 500 participants require vaccination certificates and the size of groups is limited to a maximum of 8 people, with a distance of one metre between groups. This means that indoor public gatherings and events with more than 500 participants cannot be organised without vaccination certificates.
  • The requirements for eating and drinking establishments are that guests must be seated and that there is a distance of one metre between groups. This also applies for night clubs.
  • The requirement for indoor trade fairs and shopping centres is that there must be at least 10 square metres per person.
  • The requirement for indoor cultural and recreational activities, such as museums, art galleries and gyms, is that there must be at least 10 square metres per person, except for activities such as training, competitions, etc. intended for children and young people born in 2002 or later.
  • Between 23 December 2021 and 16 January 2022, cultural, sport and recreation associations are advised not to organise or take part in camps, sports cups or other larger indoor activities that involve participants who do not normally meet. Individual activities, matches and one-day competitions such as league matches or the equivalent may be conducted. This advice does not apply to professional sport.
  • General advice on working from home will be reintroduced.
  • Infection control measures are recommended for adult education in order to avoid crowding and large gatherings. The general rule is for education to be conducted on an in-person basis, but higher education institutions may use distance learning as a tool to prevent crowding at teaching premises.

Like most governments Sweden is staying on the side of caution

Nordic Fuzz Con Seeks Conbook Submissions

Ever wanted to see your artwork printed in glorious full colour in a conbook? Well now you can !

We are open for conbook submissions until January 16th 2022, and we would love to see your Toy Town related submissions.

View our guidelines here:

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming conbook cover by @panda_paco

Camp Feral (Canada) Gets a New Mascot, Plus Many Signups

Campers have spoken: it’s porcupine time! Sketch of our sticker/pin design of Feral’s lady mascot: Weeko the porcupine. Stay tuned for the final design!💘 Follow us here and turn on notifications and/or join our mailing list to find out when she and our other merch designs launch!

Signups are Happening around the world

Texas Furry Fiesta (USA) opens DJ signups

Blue Ridge FurFare (USA) opens 2022 dealers’ signups

Further Confusion (USA) opens artist’s alley signups

NordicFuzzCon (Sweden) opens DJ signups

Nordic Fuzz Con Names Guest of Honor, Confuzzled Delays Registration

From Confuzzled on Telegram

Hello everyone,

So we know you are all probably wondering when ConFuzzled is going to open for Registration. We wanted to take a brief moment to assure you we are working away behind the scenes here getting ready to open.

There is however going to be a little bit more delay before we are ready to open for the following reasons:

+The Hilton are adding the final finishing touches to a major overhaul and refurbishment of the hotel.
+They have updated the bedrooms and refurbished the event spaces and the new hotel spaces are looking brilliant.
+We are making changes based on feedback received relating to the way our lottery system handles attendees with accessibility requirements. We want to ensure the system is fair and fit for purpose before we go live.
+To make sure we can open registration with the correct numbers of bedrooms, and offer them to our attendees in an equitable fashion, we have had to put a short delay on opening whilst we await final bedroom numbers from the Hilton.

We are hoping therefore to open toward the end of November.

We can’t give you the exact date just yet but after two years without ConFuzzled we want to make sure your registration experience on opening night is as smooth as we can make it.

Nordic Fuzz Con Stats

There are cons that just list there stats and that’s it. Not Nordic Fuzz Con as it seems they broken everything down.

All I can tell you is that they had 1749 in attendance and the rest you have to check out for yourself HERE

MFF Releases their schedule HERE usually I don’t talk about schedules as pretty much everyone does as they want. It’s just a fact, so why is it mentioned here? Largest fur con, pandemic is happening, and a lot of pre lims were done online. Namely those who wanted to be in the Furry Variety Show. Which usually gets passed by a lot due to the fact it is usually on at the same time as the Fursuit Dance Competition. But not this year. Even if you don’t normally look at the schedule, maybe this year you should.

Nordic Fuzz Con Dealer Sign-ups, Confuror Updates VR World

Nordic Fuzz Con (Sweden) has opened Dealer Sign-ups


Confuror Update VR World

The second edition of our VRChat world is here, this time with the participation of the Furry Family Ofrenda project.

Download the VRChat app for free, register your account and enter the virtual world that Confuror and Cyberwere have prepared for you. Headset is not required to explore the world!

See you there this October 29, 2021!

Nordic Fuzz Con Seeks Artist, Texas Furry Fiesta seeks performers


Texas Furry Fiesta seeks performers

There is a message in a bottle, and its telling you that Performers Applications are now open!

Strut your stuff and show us all you’ve got!~

Follow the link

Nordic Fuzz Con Pre Registration Perks

Today we look at Nordic Fuzz Con which takes place in Sweden. SEK refers to the Swedish Krona their currency.

LINK to their official site

Nordic Fuzz Con 2022, CanFURence Updates COVID Policy

Nordic Fuzz Con which is located in Malmo, Sweden will open Registration for next years con on Oct 23 and will require everyone to be vaccinated.

Details can be found HERE

CanFURence has recently updated it’s COVID policy

As some furry folks may be aware, the provincial and city regulations have changed a bit since our last announcement. We have already reached out to our venue to confirm that we are still able to hold our event (We are!) and if we need to make any changes to continue to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy.

As of this announcement the following will now be in effect at our event in November (please remember all of these things are still subject to change depending on the provincial, city, and venue’s rules):

All attendees and staff are asked to maintain physical distancing of a minimum of 2 meters (6 feet), and to remain properly masked within the event space (this includes fursuiters)

There will be a COVID-19 symptom screening questionnaire prior to badge pick up.

Staff and attendees will be required to provide proof of full vaccination (final vaccination received at least 2 weeks prior) against COVID-19 before receiving badges and being permitted into event space.

Some personal information provided to CanFURence may be submitted to contact tracing services, only if required, in compliance with public health directives.

Some panels and main events will be held differently to ensure proper physical distancing and safety of attendees and staff

We will be providing our staff with additional safety plans and personal protective equipment where necessary.

Even with all of these efforts in place, we request that everyone consider the health and well-being of yourself, those within your personal life, and your fellow furs prior to joining us as we cannot ensure a 100% COVID-free weekend.

If any circumstance arises at any time in which you can no longer attend and you have already pre-registered, please send an email to us at with the subject “Unable to attend” to have our Registration Team assist you.

If you have any additional questions or concerns that we may not have mentioned here, feel free to contact us at