Nordic Fuzz Con Group Photo

The #NFC2023 group pictures are now online! Including the attendee, STEW, and fursuit group pictures.

Nordic Fuzz Con and Stickers

It’s hard to guess especially when your an ocean away. Does Nordic Fuzz Con have an issue with stickers, or just trying to prevent one?

Nordic Fuzz Con Dress Code

Some NSFW events in the hotel have a “relaxed dress code” policy in place to allow attendees to wear gear they would normally not be allowed to wear in event spaces. These events are tagged as “NSFW” in the event description and will be advertised as having a relaxed dress code before the event. Events on the Party Boat may have even more relaxed dress codes – specific rules will be announced for those events if this is the case. Signage will also be placed at the entrance to the event informing attendees that a relaxed dress code is in place, and reminder signage placed when leaving the event to ensure that gear is removed or hidden.

Where appropriate and available, changing areas will be provided to allow attendees to change into and out of gear at these events. These will be placed inside the event area as no one is allowed to leave the event area in NSFW dress.

Genital nudity, naked buttocks, or any kind of sexual activity are still NOT allowed at these events. Exposed nipples and areolas are NOT allowed, and must be covered in some way, e.g clothing, tape – this applies regardless of gender. Attendees should also NOT be mostly naked, wearing at least two items of gear or clothing in addition to underwear.

The same rules for behaviour apply as everywhere else at the convention. A relaxed dress code does NOT excuse unwanted physical contact or other improper behaviour.

Leashes/chains are still NOT allowed due to safety concerns. Shoes MUST also be worn at all times, again for safety reasons.

Attendees are STILL EXPECTED to not visibly wear items allowed by the relaxed dress code policy within public areas or outside of event spaces specifically designated as being part of the relaxed dress code policy.

The following types of gear, items, and equipment will be allowed at these events:

  1. Pup hoods, and similar
  2. Rubber, latex (e.g. suits, cuffs, collars)
  3. Leather gear (e.g. harnesses, cuffs, waist jackets)
  4. Cuffs, and collars with lewd tags
  5. Harnesses
  6. Jockstraps (e.g. over fursuits, or with a closed rear)
  7. Lycra/Spandex/similar bodysuits
  8. Clean ABDL gear
    1. Intimate ABDL dress must be covered and not visible at all times, but can be worn under a onesie or other clothing item, e.g. overalls/dungarees.
    2. Soiled ABDL dress must be changed out of immediately. You will be asked to go change if any soilage is noticed by Security.

Nordic Fuzz Con Looking for Artists

During NFC@Home visitors were able to enter a charity raffle to join the Toy Town conbook. Our first ever conbook cover artist @Greevixor has drawn raffle winners @fauserbu and Gaurian in these playfull situations.

Want to see your art in the conbook? Submissions are open until January 15th.