Fur Con News: Fur Squared Merch Delayed, Golden Leaves Con Seeks Artist

Fur Squared Reports on Telegram

If you’re waiting on merch: don’t worry, we are too. Our supplier is, uh, having some issues getting a boat into a dock. I swear as soon as I figure out where it is I’ll be there to hold a terrible ocean 11 heist to get them for you

Golden Leaves Con (Switzerland) is looking for art for it’s conbook. If your not well known in the furry community with your art. Now is your chance.

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con Numbers

Fur Squared Merchandise Delayed

Fur Con News: WPAFW, Fur Squared Make Both Vaccines and Mask Mandatory

A little warning if you plan on using a fake vaccine card. This is now illegal and you can go to REAL jail over this. So always us a legit one.

As much as some of us find masks annoying, and I include myself in that group. If you want to go to a con YOU MUST WEAR ONE. Many a con have set policies that you let that mask slip and you will get booted from the con.

My only advice to those who don’t want to go that route. Stay home.

Fur Con News: Fur Squared (USA), MCFC

Fur Squared Posted the following on Twitter

Which sparked some controversy simply because in previous years Fur Squared was held at the Sheridan in Brookfield, WI. Also a Google search revealed no such hotel in Wisconsin.

Motor City Fur Con

MCFC 2020-One Registration, Hotel Available June 26

 by Drykath Posted on 2 days, 12 hours ago

MCFC is still a go for our new dates: October 8 – 10, 2021. We’ve been working on getting everything ready, and are just about ready to turn things over to you for the next steps!

What does that mean? Well…

Registration and Hotel Reservations open June 26th!

Yep! Add it to your calendar, registration will re-open and hotel reservation information will become available June 26th at Noon Eastern. We’ll have more specific details coming out soon, but at the least we wanted to get you looking ahead to that date.

Key Dates

  • June 26: Registration re-opens, hotel registration is available
  • July 1st: Last day for refund requests, registrations can be moved to 2022 afterward
  • August 1st/ish: Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • September 1st/ish: Final Go/No Go status check-in and policy updates
  • October 8 – 10: MCFC 2021!

Fur Squared Offering Charity Coins

They are available for $12 each from Fur Squared Con Store

Fur Squared Virtual Con This Weekend

Fur Squared Releases VC Video