Rogue One Writer Gary Whitta Wants to Write an Animated Star Fox Film

An article on Escapist tells of how Gary Whitta who wrote the script for Rogue One wants to do a Star Fox movie.

But it comes down to this.

Radio Rabbit Hole Still Needs Your Help

Look folks they are only $193 short, they need the money to stay alive. Please if you can donate anything please give LINK

Portable PC Gaming

The Verge among other sites are reporting on Alienware’s New Portable Gaming PC

The article says:

Alienware is best known for its beefy gaming laptops and preconfigured desktop rigs, but at CES 2020, the company showed off a wild new prototype, the Concept UFO. It’s a full Windows 10 gaming PC, shrunken down into a form factor very similar to a Nintendo Switch — complete with detachable controllers and a dock to hook it up to a TV or monitor.

The Concept UFO consists of four pieces: there’s a main “head” unit, which has an eight-inch, 1200p display; the battery; and all the processing and graphic hardware. There are two controllers, which attach through an enjoyably solid magnetic rail system. And there’s a “hub” unit that’s similar to the Joy-Con controller grip, which allows the two separate controller halves to combine into a single controller for playing either on the head unit (which, like the Switch, has a built-in kickstand) or on a connected monitor.

Really for what it is, I think it’s great that PC gamers have this new option

Trouble Makers Banned from Vancoufur

A Letter posted recently on @BCAnthroEvents on Twitter this page belongs to Vancoufur’s Governing Board.

I am not going to get into who was banned and for what reason this action was taken. I am here only to report the facts.