Radio Rabbit Hole – Give The Kids The World Fundraiser Update

It’s been a week and we have a new total so far

They still need your donations if you can give

Now Available: The Rubber Princess by Zeta the Coyote

Join Aegerter and his friends on a quest of heroism and fetishistic beauty to save their world from the clutches of the dragoness Zuria in THE RUBBER PRINCESS, by Zeta the Coyote with illustrations by FortunataFox, available now!

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

I would bet some of you think this title is fake, or poking fun at the FAR RIGHT. But it’s real.

You can find Super Lesbian Animal RPG on and on Steam  for $15. You can also find it on its website,

Las Vegas Fur Con COVID Policy

We have our tentative 2023 COVID-19 and Health Policy! Key points: -Any revisions will be reported 2/12 and 3/14 -COVID-19 primary series completed on or after 10/1/22 OR single booster shot required -Masking required most of the time in indoor con space, recommended elsewhere