Soda City Fur Con Reborn?

It was previously announced that Soda City Fur Con was essentially DOA. Then this apeard on Twitter recently… even the site is back.

More news later

Megaplex Vs The State of Florida

I start with that release to assure everyone this was not Megaplex’s doing it was the State of Florida, Repubicans and “Meatball” DeSantas that wanna be dictator governor. Who has just declared war on furries and we being family friendly. I for one am PISSED, Those idiots will soon find out who really runs things… us furries. We are everywhere and we are mainly IT. You can use whatever search tool you like in every case where it came down to Furry VS. Some idiot Furries Always Win.

Florida furries a line has been drawn. Do you want to see Megaplex disappear? Now is the time to take action. Legally I can’t tell you what to do. But I can suggest next time an election come around it’s time to dump these furry haters.

Galloping Ghost Arcade Meet

Hey y’all! Another date for our meets over at the galloping ghost arcade! This is a fursuit friendly gathering! You must provide proof of vaccination against covid whether you have a card or just have proof in general, pm the proof to @RedBon3. Our tourney game will be Windjammers. Winning prize is a free arcade/pinball pass “double pass” which can be used anytime or used to the next meet we run! Also as always we eat at a diner nearby the arcade called Tonys. If you wanna eat with us for dinner, fill the form out by Friday June 16th at 11:59pm! So you can eat with us on the 17th for our meet! All other questions, hit our admins up. @Skye_Fox223 @LilacPupper
@Zekethetiger @Safetyfoxxo @Skylar1120 @CBBlueBear

Anthro Irish Interview by Ahmar Wolf

Here is their logo of our mascot “Rebel” created by Irish Artist and long time friend of the rep., @Balese8

Anthro Irish is a brand new furry convention to take place in Cork, Ireland on August 5th and 6th. They agreed to an interview to talk about the upcoming convention.

Furry Times (FT): Furries in Ireland what is it like?

Anthro Irish: Well, in my near five years being active in this fandom, I’ve come across lots of people in the fandom here, if it’s going to local fur meets in Conventions such as Dublin Comic Con, or going to see a movie in Cork and Dublin.

Or as I’ve gotten older, attending Furry Not New Years , which is an event held by Irish Furries, and better yet creating and attending Anthro Irish,Furries in Ireland are a growing and thriving, small , yet strong community

FT: Sounds wonderful. How difficult was it starting a convention?

Anthro Irish: Simple answer is, not easy but I’m incredibly thankful for the amazing support it has gotten so far, online from the public and the amount of people who have volunteered there time and energy in various departments behind the scenes in order to make this happen.
I’m also very thankful to our venue, The Clayton Co.Cork , who were completely on board from day one

FT: So they were aware of the furry fandom?

Anthro Irish: Sort of? Our point of contact is actually a cosplayer and was semi familiar with furry. And only learnt about furrys in Ireland from Anthro Irish, as the phrase goes ” you learn something new everyday”

FT: How is the hotel situation?

Anthro Irish: As in?

FT: Locations near the convention. Are they going to set up times when fursuiting is allowed etc.
Hotels tend to attract fursuiters

Anthro Irish: Ah yes! Fursuiting is allowed from 11am on the Saturday until 8pm on the Sunday. Within the Anthro Irish space and once an attendee is registered, and wearing there lanyard

FT: Anything planned for the convention that you like to talk about

Anthro Irish: At current I’m keeping the schedule under pretty tight wraps, but I can confirm the full schedule will be coming out in July. We can confirm tho that the convention is in aid of the Irish Blood Transfusion Serivces (IBTS) . And more information on the IBTS can be found here :

Yes, for many reasons the charity is close to not only myself but many members of the Irish Furry Fandom.

FT: I received a blood transfusion myself

Some including myself get to check out other cons on YouTube. Any plans on posting your own videos?

Anthro Irish: At current we have telegram , twitter and we recently joined Instagram to share content , we may share videos from the convention or opening and closing ceremonies to YouTube, but this isn’t certain as of right now.

FT: Any plans for say Dealers and Artists to have there own spot?

Anthro Irish: Yes, there will be an artist alley at Anthro Irish which slots for have recently sold out, and there is currently a waitting list.

FT: That is fantastic

Anthro Irish: In total, there will be five areas and they are as follows;
1) Main Stage , this will have chairs for events such as opening and closing ceremonies and where events such as Guest of Honor Panel ,Fursuit Games and Saturday Night DJ will be held.
2) Panel room , this is a smaller space for more intimate panels and will host 20 attendees.
3) Fursuit lounge – somewhat self explanation and will have water and snacks for those who need it.
4) Artist Alley- This will be where local Irish talent from artists , Fursuit makers and so much more will sell there wears
5) The Bar – in the center of our space there is a bar and will have lots of seating

FT: You got the floor is there anything you like to add

Anthro Irish: I guess I’d like to say thank you again for those who have been extremely supportive of both myself and the convention. And I’m very much looking forward to Anthro Irish 2023!
In addition

Anthro Irish Sold Out 2 days after Registration Opened.

Golden Leaves Fur Con (Switzerland) Reg Open

GLC 12 will take place on October 26th-30th

For more info