Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Catastrophe

This is a reminder to those who are complaining about the latest Ren and Stimpy reboot.

WA Fur Frenzy and The Pandemic

West Aussie Fur Frenzy takes place in Perth, Australia although it isn’t as well known as say Furdu does have a loyal following. And like a lot of cons are going through some incredibly tight restrictions due to the pandemic. It was only because of the number of new cases that they were allowed to even have a con this year, and even then it was limited to just 100.

As you can see they are under very tight restrictions and we here at Furry Times we wish everyone the very best.

Foxes in Love

Part Time Dragons

Fed Up with 2020

I like the rest of you are done with 2020 already and it’s only mid September. If you follow my site you might have noticed I have done nothing this year. In fact because of the virus I canceled everything. Although I did not have any trip planned, the virus killed any ideas of even making any plans. I am bored, I am frustrated, hell I am even short tempted.

I read up on how this pandemic will end, coming from the experts and not any elected official. So far they are saying anywhere from 2 to 10 years before things get back to normal.

I miss fur cons, I know they are doing virtual ones and I thank all the furries behind them for going out of their way to even do such a thing. But I and one of the reasons you don’t see me talking about them. I just can’t get into them, I miss the real thing. The crowds, the fursuits, the one of a kind moments.

I recorded that while waiting in line for The Charity Whose Lion. That was so much fun, as time goes on and me getting more and more bored and etc. I have been going over both my photos and videos of various fur events and my own trips. I would say Amtrak is a 100 times better than Greyhound. Simply because you have the space to move around. I have been thinking about doing an Amtrak vs. Greyhound piece. Although I know I know of some who have had horrible experiences on both. I hadn’t on either just more inconvenience than anything else.

Hell I even miss the fursuiters even the weird ones. Here is one that thinks they are a real dog

Lets hope 2021 will be better…

Breaking News: FurvanaNW Charity Donation and BRFF Online

Furvana NW recently announced their donation to Ocean Shores Food Bank they raised $10,030.32. Given current times the money is more than needed and will help so many in desperate need.

Blue Ridge Fur Fare recently announced their dates for there virtual con. Which will be held March 12 to 14, 2021 and will be free

Amazing Work of @jurawell

Amazing Work of @KailysRat