MFF 2020 Banner Art

Created by Royz

Be sure to check out more of the amazing works of Royz HERE who in my very humble opinion is one truly amazing artist.

Also I encourage MFF to think about making posters of the banner art. Who would not love having this on their wall WOW!!!

Big Game Hunter Convention Planned Suspiciously Close to Furry Convention-Satire

The Hard is a site like The Onion meaning it’s a site where comedy and satire rules and I fully admit I thought it was a legit news site until I was told otherwise on Twitter this morning. Unfortunately, because of work, I could not fix this mistake.

As for a humorous article about hunters and furries in the same building I can see the humor in it. Before anyone says I should of known better. The list of people who have taken The Onion seriously ranges from leaders of North Korea, Canada and even the USA.

Despite my mistake go check out the article it might make you think