LVFC & Furcationland Con Books

The links for these conbooks were only found on Telegram and both are for 2023

Las Vegas Fur Con


Furcationland Update

Furcationland Only opened it’s Registration a few weeks ago and 2 levels are already sold out.

Furcationland Flyer Raffle

Find @KovuTheHusky or other FCL staff handing out our new flyers and take a unique photo with it! Tweet the photo with #FCL2023 to enter for a free salmon-tier registration at our convention coming this April!

This promotion only ran during the recent Anthro NE, but I assume someone might figure away around this

Furcationland 2022 Registration Open

Furcationland Mascot

Furcationland recently had a online poll to name there brand new mascot

The winning name is…


Furcationland Has Brand New Site

Maine’s Furcationland finally gets a brand new site where both announcements and Registrations will take place. Up to now they have been using alternative sites such as Google Docs and Eventbrite.


Furcationland & Short Folks for Hope

Thank you for meeting with us yesterday @shortfolks! The FCL Board of Directors are already looking forward to our future donations to your charity!

Short Folks for Hope is a cancer support agency

Furcationland Needs a Location

Furcationland is a brand new fur con to open in Maine. The only problem is that they have no set location.

If you know of one simply drop them an email