How a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the U.S. Military

Blake Montgomery of The Daily Beast The article focuses on Travis a Military Fur and briefly talks about their duty in Iraq.

But to quote the article:

Playing and performing in a full-body, mascot-like suit is a disciplined endeavor—and not always a comfortable one. Any furry will tell you that it’s hot inside a suit and that problem is compounded when members gather in real life. Fursuit-wearers run a real risk of overheating, especially at sunny outdoor events like meetups and Pride parades.

To increase their in-suit endurance, some furries use cooling vests, much like an athlete might. Specially designed vests can hold packs of fluids that remain at steady, low temperatures against wearers’ bodies—a godsend for keeping body heat at bay when you’re wearing fur head to toe.

The rest of the article goes to even greater detail check it out HERE

How Eurofurence Raised Extra Money for It’s Charity

The Results:

How did they do this?

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling Review

Finally had a chance to catch Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling on Netflix. I know a lot has been said about this episode so has Ralph Bighead now being Rachel. But really the entire 45 minutes was about change. As it will never stay the same forever like Rocko becoming absolutely ballistic over finding out that The Fatheads no longer being on. I found the entire program was a delight to watch as it had the same style of humor that the series had. Meaning that if you loved the series you should really check out this program I promise you will love it. Even how Rachel reconnects to her parents was really surprising and such a delight. That twist about what happens to the rocket in the end, the very same one that shot Rocko and friends into space on that last episode made me cheer…I happen to have the entire series on DVD and still watch it regurally.