Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Everyone wants to live in a peaceful world, but it’s necessary to understand that what destroys peace is anger and hatred. This is why the long term goal is to create inner peace within individuals, so contributing to a more compassionate humanity.

Fur Con News: WPAFW COVID Policy, LIFC Goes Virtual

WPAFW announces COVID Policy

Little Island Fur Con (Singapore) Goes Virtual


LIFC Online is the very first online furcon that will be held on Discord on the 13th of November! Attendee registration begins 18 September! More details on our website! Link

Fur Con News: Fur Squared Merch Delayed, Golden Leaves Con Seeks Artist

Fur Squared Reports on Telegram

If you’re waiting on merch: don’t worry, we are too. Our supplier is, uh, having some issues getting a boat into a dock. I swear as soon as I figure out where it is I’ll be there to hold a terrible ocean 11 heist to get them for you

Golden Leaves Con (Switzerland) is looking for art for it’s conbook. If your not well known in the furry community with your art. Now is your chance.

5 Things NOT to do When Commissioning Art – What NOT to say to Artists

Fur Con News: Infurnity Online

Taiwan’s Infurnity will be holding an Online version of their convention on Oct 30 & 31 2021 and anyone in the entire world with internet access will be able to take part. Official site

In the meantime

nfurnity Online 2.0 is recruiting furry theme videos for our video streaming program! 📢
Published or not, animation or short film, your furry video will get a chance to be streamed in our online festival!
More info HERE

Infurnity Online 2.0 invites artists all over the world to join our online dealers den!

Commission, online store, digital products and such are all welcome!
Submission info LINK

nfurnity Online 2.0 is going to bring you our official Discord server for all attendees to interact and stream this year! 📢
We’re looking forward to seeing you on our server as the streamer (with a very easy application!)
Check out our website for details! HERE

There are deadlines for all of this