My 2nd Fur Con

As of right now I am some 2 hours away leaving for my 2nd fur con. Ironically it’s the same as the first Midwest Furfest and I hope like I did last year to have fun…which is the whole point of going. Unlike last year, I know a lot more furries, and some of them actually plan to be in the fursuit parade which will be held starting at 1:30 PM.

Now for a bit of irony, a good friend got ripped by a crooked artist named Darius Koopa 2 years ago, and he heard from another furry that this Darius Koopa is down there selling supposedly his art at the con. I say that because recently I heard a rumor that he was stealing some other artist work as his own. But to top everything off it seems this crook has a warrant out for his arrest in Indiana. A fact confirmed by the Rosemont Police Dept. To top things off my friend plans to confront DK and demand his money back or he is calling the cops. To complicate things even more, I already contacted the staff at MFF on this matter last year and they advise to tell my friend work through the staff and let them call the police if they deem necessary. Also my friend being a bit short tempered, things could get interesting. Will let you all know what happened.

And all I though the biggest thing I would be reporting on is news of Furvilla which is making some sort of debut at the con.

If you want to say Hi, I will be wearing this badge.


It was done by a local artist Kelley McAdams

More tomorrow…