Why this is the most memarable MFF of all time

Besides from the Hazmat Emergency everyone knows about….that is.

It sure was for me and I left for home well before that. It was simply incredible, the number of fursuiters were way up. I don’t know the official total yet. But it seemed to me 1 out of 3 wear wearing one. The number of kids were way up too, last year I maybe saw 3 or 4. But this year, a good 40+ would be a good estimate. Not to mention that the crowd was larger, but very friendly I got a hug during the fursuit parade.

Speaking of the parade. HUGE!!! It ran nearly an hour. Compare to the 27 minute long parade last year.

The change up for Floor Wars, only improved it. Allowing the winners to pick a member of the loosing team to join their. Only made for the most incredible dancing I ever seen.

Speaking of Incredible, once again I really give it too both the staff and volunteers for doing a great job.

Although I wasn’t there on Sunday, they saw to the needs of everyone after that Hazmat emergency of very early Sunday Morning. You all deserve medals!!!

I should also give a medal to myself. Okay I admit it I was a bit nervous before I left for the con, but once I arrived. I felt at home. I forgot my problems and really enjoyed myself.

The Variety show was GREAT!!!

In fact the only problem I had was that the cell phone signal kept on dropping off….and the only reason that was a problem as I planned on meeting someone. Also no one planned on their cellphone battery going dead.

More Tomorrow…