MFF 2014: What You Didn’t Hear

I was kind of out of it yesterday when I forgot to mention on the video I posted of a cash drop from one of the balconies. They were only dropping singles and they got asked to leave the hotel. It seems dropping money is against the rules of the Hyatt. Also they only dropped a $100, I know it looks like more.

Lastly you heard reports on 19 of the gas attack was sent to the hospital. What you didn’t hear was this, it seems after the Hyatt gave orders to evacuate. That those 19 people use that same stair case where the gas was released to make their way down to the lobby, as they were all staying above the effected floor. The good news is no one stayed more than 24 hours in the hospital and that was of a fursuiter with diabetes with elevated blood sugar levels. They are all fine now, and those who could not attend the final day of the con because of this, were all given a letter, that give them discounts on next years registration fee. Varying between $5 and $10.