Dare to Compare: Up We Go by Lights

I hadn’t done one of these in a long time so it’s about time I did another.

After hearing Up We Go, it instantly became my favorite song. One of the the biggest reason is because of 2014 which turned out to be one of the darkest and best times of my entire life. I know that sounds confusing but let me explain. You see back in April while still grieving over the loss of my brother I had a stroke…according to my doctors it was so bad I could of died. But here I am with not even the tiniest sign I even had one…miracle I know. Then the later months October when I went with a bunch of local furries to Navy Pier for Halloween and Midwest Furfest. To me 2014 was a wild ride and it seems 2015 could even be better…mainly because I been asked to be the cameraman on a possible documentary on furries. The plans for that…all I can say is wow!! I let you know more later.

The Official Music Video

The Furry one with a bit of an explanation…

We all know what happened at MFF, I left a couple hours before all of this happened. The actions of the furries was simply incredible and I am so proud of everyone.

The Verdict of sorts

They both are incredible videos, and I can’t really say with one is better as I think they both are great. One is a party in an elevator and the other celebrates the furries at MFF. I have to leave this one to you.