My View on the Riots in Baltimore

Yes I called them riots rather than protesting. Because when you protest you don’t cause people to loose their home and their job, that is what actually happened to Katrice Gardner. She worked at the CVS that we all saw on the news that got burned to the ground by rioters, who also burned down her home leaving her…HOMELESS!!!

Look it up, yourself.

Then there is Freddie Gray the main focus of this riot yes I admit what happened to him was wrong. But does anyone remember why the cops were arresting him in the first place….?

Let me guess you didn’t hear that part. The truth is and you can look this one up yourself he was a Drug Dealer, a man wanted for selling drugs laced with POISON. That killed Black Lives!!! It really kills me when people say Black Lives Matter, and don’t know the full story behind something. The ATF actually found 2 kilos of asst drugs and weapons in Freddie Gray’s home, and a small amount of explosive…which is the reason they were called in.

It seems Freddie Gray was wanted for questioning in at least 15 deaths possibly more, not all by hand gun. Even though they did solve the murders of 7 black men, when the cops matched one of his guns.

Here we all are wanting Drug Dealers off our streets, and for the random shootings to stop. But yet when one of them dies, we defend them by destroying lives. Take that mother looking for Pampers after her neighborhood CVS was burned to the ground. It seems her nearest store that hadn’t been looted was 3 miles away. You try doing this when you have a baby in a stroller, and a 3 year old tagging along.

Know the full story before you act!!!

Dare to Compare: Ke$ha – Die Young

Official Video

Furry Version


Have you seen the official version?!! It’s a mess, some even say it promotes suicide. Then there is the furry version, can anyone say “Party Time!!” which even what Kesha herself says the song is really about, speaking of Kesha, it what said when she saw the fan made one by VivziePop. Keep in mind this is the same video her own label took down both on You Tube and other sites until Kesha herself seen it, and said and I quote, “This is the video that should have been made”. In fact Kesha herself has gone on record saying she loves it more than her own official video. So why argue with the artist.

The Clear winner is.

Die Young (Kesha) – Fan Animated Music Video – VivziePop