ACEN My 1st Thoughts

I went to Anime Central in Rosemont yesterday, I should have the photos uploaded by tomorrow. So what did I think my first time being there? Although it is true you can find just about anything amine related there in the dealers area. Mark my words I never seen anything like this. First of all I noticed the average time anyone stays there is just 2 hours, and they go for the shopping. I kid you not, there was a steady line from the con to the local public transportation stop, and it never let up. Heavy traffic in both directions. Although the crowd as HUGE it was friendly I would sat only about 10% of those who were there went to any of the panels and I did not see long lines to any of the ones I went too, but I went very early. Otherwise they too were saw their crowds.

Now for the problems and yes there were a few. The biggest being cellphone issues, I use T Mobile and my coverage was spotty at best. I found out there is no other towers than Verizon south of the expressway where the convention center is located. Given my experience if your going to meet someone for the first time and this now applies to any meetups for other events in the area such as Anime Midwest and even Midwest Furfest. First of all swap photos, I wish I did this with the one I was planning to meet out there. I might of saw him, but I don’t know what he looks like. Next arrange to meet in a pacific location. One nobody could miss, his suggestion was to meet in Artist Alley, but Artist Alley runs the entire length of the hall. Agree on something easy to wait by say either a bus stop, a vending machine one both parties know and can not miss.

I know places like this get crowded, but this is ridiculous. I swear you couldn’t walk more than 10 feet without running in to a wall of people and finding a place to sit down is nearly impossible. I know this is a problem at most cons, but it was compounded 10 fold by the number of people down there. I saw some so tired they literally fell asleep sitting there on the floor.

I know cons like this are a place to be seen, but to find a spot clear enough to show off your costume was nearly impossible. I this compliant came in 2nd only to the cellphone issue.

Big question will I be back, no. Unless there was a pacific panel I wanted to see I think I rather do something else.