ACEN 2015 Final Thoughts

Okay maybe ACEN wasn’t a complete disaster as I first thought. Call it a combination of the crowds, being frustrated that I could not find someone, combined by cellphone issues….and maybe a touch of claustrophobia more had to do with my original opinion than anything else, and the pin that was taken will be returned.

As I was told today on Facebook, cons are what you make of them. I went in not expecting much and that is pretty much what I got out of it. Except for it now being Monday and I am still tired.

Like any con you should have a plan, shopping…keep an open mind and plenty of cash. Panels…go very early. If there is another in the same room but it’s the next one to share that room start waiting, if possible. Meeting someone, know if your phone will work. I had major issues which only added to my frustration. Work out an exact meetup time and place in ADVANCE. But make sure it’s one neither of you can miss PERIOD. This would of solved a lot of problems for me.

Speaking of which I was alone, and being this was my 1st time there I hadn’t a clue what to do. I wish I had a chance to change that.

So what do I give my experience there more like it was a good one, rather than the disaster as I 1st posted.