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Oct 9 to 11 2015 Fur Reality Cincinnati, Ohio

Oct 9 to 11 2015 Western PA Furry Weekend Wexford, PA

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Darius Koopa Post: The Aftermath

It’s been an interesting 24 hours since I made the post yesterday about Darius Koopa. I was told expect some drama, but really I didn’t expect this.

All of this took place on Sofurry

#1 Darius Koopa blocked me

#2 After 3 months of reporting Darius Koopa’s crimes to the mods they took action. I got punished, the post I made which included a link to this blog was taken down. And I also discovered my ability to post on various sections of the Sofurry forum has been restricted, and according to the message I got for 30 days.

Their answer: I Violated their policy

To me it looks like they condone thievery. As I stated in my post I have seen complaints taken down on almost as soon as it’s posted. I am sure these same people have made the same complaints to the mods and still the theif is still there.

I have attempted another post linking to the Artist Beware site, will let you know what happens.