Shooting Down a Scammer

I shot down a telephone phone scammer in less than 10 seconds. What happened was this I got this call saying they were from the United States Securities Services. Sounded phony so what I said was this “I run a blog that gets 1,000s of hits a day that covers spams and scams. The name of your company sounds phony but I listen to wait you have to say. But be aware it will be on my blog, more than likely today. Go ahead tell me what your script has to say” That scammer never said a word. In fact he just hung up.

Did anyone say ZOMBIE!!!

It’s October again, so goodbye to the HOT weather of Summer and the cool Autumn temperatures. I figured this year I bring you Zombie of The Day. I promise you they will not be your normal zombie. This will continue on through Halloween.

Today’s Zombie: Zombie Flamingos


Furry Chat and Roleplay’s Haven September Contest Winner Flynnfox

Flynnfox won with this great photo titled “Pizza Time”

contest winner

Fursuit with HUGE Tail

Made by Fur The Win Studios it’s the Biggest tail they ever made. 3.018 meter long and 2.18 meter circumference at the tip top. That’s roughly 10 feet long and and just over 7 feet in circumference, now get this…according to their Facebook page the tail is also a sleeping bag.12042649_920973194607068_8611837542862920336_n