NCIS: Los Angeles Furries Mentioned in Episode

Hi everyone it’s time for some really good news for once about how a major TV series have portrayed furries. Surprising I know but we were shown in a good light on the Blame it on Rio episode of NCIS Los Angeles…which is still available to watch on

To what exactly occurred was this, since the start of the episode 2 series regulars were talking about heading to a local renaissance fair. Then about 18 minutes in to the episode the same 2 characters talk about cosplay and then the topic turns to Califur and furries in general.

In my opinion that about 2 minute long segment showed us furries in a good light. That were are normal human beings who have a fun side to are lives. Some might object to when one of them said Califur is weird. But really aren’t all fur cons a bit weird anyway. But they are so much fun and so is the episode.