A Dark Halloween by Flarethefox

One of 2 winning stories featured in Furry Chat and RP Haven‘s October Writing Contest

Halloween is here time for some fun
Now let this foxy play a new game
Giving candy to the little ones
Watching the joys on there faces
Getting there treats
Seeing the bright smile on there muzzles
How fun Halloween is
But we all know what happens next
A good scare YES
a foxy comes out to play
A monster he becomes
In the shadows he hides
His eyes glow blood red
For this is no normal fox
But a fox that has a dark secret in him
A demon hides in him
snatching small furs in the night
Taking them never to be seen or heard again
Oh how good is it to be Halloween
This demon has come out to play

THE BAGHEERA TILT by Kumali (inspired by “The Scarlatti Tilt” by Richard Brautigan)

One of 2 winning stories featured in Furry Chat and RP Haven‘s October Writing Contest

I don’t look that much like a panther when I’m not in my fursuit, it’s true. Still, I can’t help it, I am what I am. When those two guys jumped me this evening trying to get my wallet, I just acted according to instinct. They’re still back there in the alley, what’s left of them. Nobody’ll find them till morning, most likely, and when they do, and see those throats ripped out and chests gashed open, they’ll never guess that any creature who looks like a human could have had anything to do with it. So I should be safe enough.

Reboot of ReBoot officially coming to TV with 26 new episodes

as originally posted on cbc.ca

Get ready for some serious ’90s nostalgia.

A new version of the computer-animated classic ReBoot is returning to TV with 26 half-hour episodes. Corus Entertainment, which own YTV and other television networks, announced on Monday at the Banff World Media Festival that it has given the show the green light.

The series is going into production at Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment, but there is still no word on a release date or whether the program will be returning to YTV. It will be distributed internationally by TWC/Dimension Television.

Titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code, the new show will follow four 16-year-old humans who become guardians in cyberspace. Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon said in an email that the show will feature a mix of live action and computer animation.

Guided by a cyberbeing from the original Guardian Program named VERA, teens Austin, Parker, Grey and Tamra will enter cyberspace to do battle with viruses. Guardians, like the character Bob in the original, are the police of the cyberworld, able to resist viruses and heal other sprites.

All four teens will wear protective suits that will allow them to survive in the digital world. An image of the character Austin as his guardian alter-ego Vector was released Monday. The other three character’s will go by the names Googz, D-Frag and Enigma in cyberspace.

The world of the new show has expanded significantly since the original series, which aired from 1994 to 2001 on YTV in Canada and which was sold in 84 countries.

“The world of Mainframe is so much bigger now, with internet access; cyberspace is vast,” said Hefferon. “Everything from satellites, power utilities, drones, appliances, mobile devices, toys all are connected, online and provide some of the new location and plot points.”

And while some things are changing, others will stay the same.

Hefferon said that Bob, hero of the original series, will be a part of the pilot episode and that other beloved favourites, such as Dot and Enzo, will have a role to play as well.

Original villain Megabyte will have a particularly prominent role in the new show, according to Hefferon.

“With the advances in technology, it was fitting to upgrade Megabyte aesthetically, along with his abilities/powers. But ReBoot fans will recognize him as the same villain they grew to love, or despise from the original ReBoot series.”

Many online have speculated that the reflection in the teaser image released Monday gives a sneak peak at the revamped character.

Megabyte’s memory-challenged henchmen Hack and Slash will be back as well, Hefferon said.

But Megabyte won’t be the only villain in the new series. Hefferon said a mysterious hacker called The Sorcerer will play a major role.

Hefferon says that while the new program will definitely be focused on young people, fans of the original will have plenty to enjoy as well.

“The core essence of what made ReBoot so successful 20 years ago carries through” said Hefferon. “The appeal for the new series will go well beyond kids.”