On a Personal Note…

First of all the reason there is so few posts today is because of events in Paris.

But to me it was an expectedly happy night for me, was when I decided to revive a local furmeet. That faded this past April due to ISSUES RE: FURRY DRAMA. So being a guy who has no issues I hope with no one. I along with another local furry, revived a once popular furmeet at a local Panera Bread. It turned out Utterly Fantastic, we literally got more that 3 people to drop by and a majority of them stayed.

To be totally honest, my biggest fear was no one would show up. Interesting enough some who stayed had previous issues with furries. But I am happy to say despite all of this, any Furry Drama they had, was forgiven.

I decided to make it a monthly furmeet, and see how it goes from there.

Lastly The Cup, you see the post below. Do I have to say any more. It’s just a paper cup. If you don’t like the lack of design bring your own pen?!!

To why Starbucks took the Christmas designs off. I thought that was simple, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Besides have people forgot Starbucks is in business to make money from the most people and way offend anyone.

Ever Heard of bringing your own cup?!!! They are plenty of Christmas Travel Mugs out there online. If you don’t like the red cup buy your own travel mug.