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Heads Up About Sharing Rooms at Fur Cons

I am not saying sharing a expensive hotel room at a cut rate price is wrong. I am very well aware of this is the norm at most conventions. But there are a few things you should aware of if your doing this for the very 1st time. Privacy is very limited at best, reason being someone might be sleeping in the bathtub in your room. Not that where they landed up after drinking too much, in fact that is the space they paid for. I have heard some rooms have been has held as many as 11 people. Speaking of which Your Space, depending on the circumstances could be a space on the floor. This is very common, as to where you store your stuff…could be in the middle of piled up suitcases. I have heard that some fursuiters had to change in the public restroom because they hadn’t the space to do so in their room.

Parties and heavy drinking are common, so don’t expect to get much sleep. But I encourage everyone with problems at Rainfurrest and Oklacon, which have caused those cons to such down FOREVER. Behave yourself, I know your there to have fun, but really do you want to be known for the ones killing your favorite cons. Ask the couple that were making out during the Opening Ceremonies of Rainfurrest. Who have since been banned from all US Fur Cons for the next 3 years. Or the ones who had to split the cost of the more than $7,000 in damages to the hotel. They all got permabanned.

Rumor had it when one showed up at Anthrocon The staff asked them to leave or the police would be called.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Despite everything I said, you will have fun, furcons are very fun, as well as a great place to hang out. But respect not only yourself, but the con.