After Son’s Two Attempted Suicides, Mother Got Inventive in Dealing with Bullies

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By Peter Kotz

Reader Denjen responds to Reader Recounts the Last Days of Phoebe Prince. Her son twice attempted suicide after getting bullied by five kids. She didn’t get help at school, but she did get help from a judge when she went for a restraining order…

“My 17 yr old son was bullied so bad he attempted suicide 2x. Thank God he didn’t succeed. He is a popular kid who wears tight pants, skateboards, snowboards, and refuses drugs/alcohol. For this he was called “gay” “going to kick your ass” etc…

“The school did nothing. So I fought back. I went to the courthouse and filed restraining orders against 5 boys. 2 of which my boy grew up with and were friends till 9th grade. The judge signed my petition within 1hr of me filing. He even waived the $250.00 filing fee for each one.

“One set of parents contested it. We went in front of judge and he scared the crap out of the kid. Law enforcement was wonderful. One kid showed up where my son was. My son text me and I called the cops and they escorted the kid home and told him no more breaks he will go straight to juvenile hall.

“I figure if the parents and teachers wont do anything I will hit the parents in the checkbook. If the kids violate the restraining order just one time it is a $1000.00 fine. My son is much better after 6wks of hospitalization and the kids have not bothered him since. No one else is going to stick up for my child, it’s my job as his mother. I will defend him to anyone.”

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