Furry Community Responds To Possible Closing Of The Stud, Their Monthly Gathering Place

by Jay Barmann as originally posted on SFist.com


very second Saturday for a number of years now has been Frolic, the Bay Area furry community’s regular monthly dance party hosted at The Stud. It’s one of many community’s worried by the news that the 50-year-old bar is in danger after getting a major rent hike, and as its longtime owner/manager announces he’s selling the business.
Local furry blog The Dogpatch Press registers their shock about the possible loss of the venue, with columnist Patch O’Furr noting that s/he had recently spoken with Stud bartenders Brian and Bernadette who said the place was secure and had a long-term lease, despite the looming threat of gentrification as a monstrous condo project rose on the former Muni bus lot next door.

And today we learn that the first step toward a possible community solution to save the place has arrived in the form of this Facebook group, SOS! Save Our Stud!. Spearheading the effort is Mica Sigourney, a.k.a. VivvyAnne ForeverMore, who spoke with 48 Hills today about next steps. One option is a worker-owned cooperative like Rainbow Grocery, but he says, “We’re also looking for significant investors who would help us buy the business, as well as the liquor license, which is of course very valuable.”

Supervisor Jane Kim has already said she should be able to expedite getting the place to become a registered Legacy Business, earning it some rental offset funds from the city and a sort of historic status.
But first and foremost, Sigourney encourages everyone who loves the bar to actually go there — go to SomeThing every Friday, or karaoke on Thursdays, or just go to a happy hour, or go Frolic in your furry best.
Below, some video from Frolic in February.

An Actual Furvilla Review

I have had a chance to play with Furvilla for the last couple of days, and I have some definite opinions about the web browser game. I swear you get more action in Animal Crossing than you get in Furvilla, as it is more clicking than anything else. Although the game is fairly simple, it is important you read how to play it. Overall it is a sub par Facebook game at best. Is it worth your time, no. But given no everything on the site is up, like the forum, or chat. I am going to hold off giving Furvilla my final paws up or down until December.