Burned Furs: Furry Extremists

Joining the furry fandom as I did back in 2008, I knew nothing about Burned Furs until Greyflanked mentioned it to me (when preparing for my interview with Fred Patten). But when he would elaborate on the subject it peaked my curiosity. Which caused me to open doors, that I discovered many hoped would be sealed forever….at least that is what I have gotten from facebook post.

So what were the Burned Furs

Established in 1998 by Squee Rat, the Burned Furs were intolerant of persons not only promoting of sex within the fandom in art and writing. As well as anything he saw as socially-unacceptable behaviors. In particular she derided the small minority of fans who insisted that a person could not be “furry” without, for example, having an “animal spirit” or practicing Veganism.

Often quoted Squee Rat is said to have stated, “furs who have spoken up against fandom perversion and been ‘burned at the stake’ for it.”

Burned Fur was often accused of threatening and making physical attacks against their opponents, including death threats and sabotaging convention events.

One known case of a Burned Fur actually threatening an opponent was the maintainer of the Burned Fur homepage, who during a heated flamewar in 1998 said he would “put his fucking head through a wall” if he ever met Xydexx at a convention. Another Burned Fur member, GothTiger chimed in and stated he would “like nothing better in the world than to watch mister too-many-consonants get what’s coming to him.”

Burned Furs also displayed intolerance for Eric Blumrich, also known as Fkafka and Mr. Ploppy, is a cartoonist, illustrator and Flash animator active in the furry fandom throughout the 80’s and 90’s. In 2001 16 days after the events of 9-11 Hangdog threatened him on the Yerf newsgroups and was summarily banned: “The next time I see you I will kill you with my bare hands.” Burned Fur Scott Malcomson noted that Blumrich “hates, apparently, for the sheer pleasure of hating,” and noted Blumrich’s extremist attitude was one reason many Burned Fur members left the group.

Despite these heated words, no Burned Fur ever attacked any person, nor were the sabotage claims made towards those early conventions ever supported beyond allegations.


As soon as Burned Fur was launched, it was subjected to harsh criticism. Some of the opposition joined a group called Freezing Furs, which considered Burned Fur a hate group. Other opposition groups included Nonaligned Furs and Furry Peace, which were formed on the basis of factional conflicts. Aside from producing websites and link that had nothing specific to advance any particular agenda.

By the time Burned Fur was founded, individual convention-goers were already boycotting ConFurence due to lewd behavior that the convention’s organizers insisted on turning a blind eye to. CF was finally turned over to Burned Fur member Darrel Exline in 1999, resulting in the claim by Burned Fur members Hangdog, Scott Malcomson, and Major Matt Mason that this would make it a “Burned Fur convention.”. Many who believed that Burned Fur existed to “kick all the degenerates out” shied away from the convention altogether. Attendance levels continued to decline until ConFurence officially closed its doors on April 27, 2003.

By about 2001, the Burned Furs had faded into history, many of them having left furry fandom altogether, and the counter groups formed to oppose them became defunct by default.

Burned Furs 2

This ill-advised movement appeared in mid 2006, with the major attention whore and troll Ashmcairo at the controls. In December 2007 its name changed to “Improved Anthro”, although the group still links to and makes use of the Burned Fur logo, founding documents, and general sense of total cluelessness. Improved Anthro has since spawned several other projects, such as Furryne.ws, Furry101, and FurryGamers, all similarly tainted with the Burned Fur stigma. Improved Anthro vanished in 2013, and the only evidence of the site can be found here http://archive.is/ardV5


Although it has been many years since Burned Furs has tired to force there views upon the fandom.
Here are some quote taken from Facebook in 2016

My roommate, while not mentioned in the Wikifur article, was one of the original members and he doesn’t regret it nor does he regret it’s demise comparing it to the punk rock movement — “We came, said what had to be said, then vanished”.

Also ironically, much of what we’re seeing in some of the larger conventions is some of Burned Fur’s manifesto come to life. Anthrocon for the most part is a PG rated con and lewd behavior in public and blatant fetish-wear is discouraged. Adult material is cordoned off into separate areas and they no longer have ‘pet auctions’. — All of which were pretty much in the open in the early days.

What I’ve herd of the Burned Fur stuff from Tamias and his one friend Wolfe Darkfang it that it was an bunch of furs who wanted to clean up the furry fandom and get rid of the furry porn that the Burned Furs was saying was ruining the furry fandom at the time but the rest of the fandom think that furry porn was not a problem and there was infighting between the furry fandom and the Burned Furs. The Burned Furs flack was before I joined the furry fandom. Tamias & Wollfee Darkfang both had videos on it on YouTube. =^.^=
My first convention was Confurence X…the one those jackoffs managed to turn the hotel hostile against. I’ll never forgive them for that. Pretty sure they had something to do with the forced last minute venue change for the first con in Texas that no one remembers.
But I think this is the best quote of them all which came from Alan Kitchen
Nothing to talk about. A small bunch of people thought the fandom had to be cleaned up. Most are gone from furry. Some have disappeared from earth. And a couple were arrested for real child porn.
Nothing to worry about
The Burned Furs in my opinion may of started out with good intentions, but all they left behind was hate. No wonder they vanished, as their reputation in the furry community was in a word, horrible. All I can wish is the fandom never see the likes of those haters again.

The Ultimate Answer

I admit the furry fandom can get out of control, there is no better proof of this than what happened at the very last Rainfurrest. But to establish yourself as an authority to over see the fandom. That is just plain as wrong as are those hate groups you see on the news. Forcing their will upon others…remind you of what you seen on the news…well it should.

To me there is only one authority that should enforce a code of conduct and that is the event itself. Personally I think the staff at MFF does a great job, and so do the con goers. Who watch out for behaviour that could get us kicked out of the Hyatt. We all know what happened at Rainfurrest and no one wants that repeated. Frankly given some of the stories I heard about some wearing only dirty diapers seen around the con and the hotel while at Rainfurrest. I can’t really blame the hotel, the ones I blame are the staff. Who have refused an interview to explain their side.

Like it or not were human beings, not animals and we must cooperate with the powers that be to get along. Look I am not saying give up your personal fetish, but that is left for the internet and those who have similar interests whom you could conduct your own meet. But leave that far away as possible from family friendly hotels. We like to keep our cons going.

Speaking of which Cons are a cooperation between the dealers, the staff and the public. We all should remember this, and if were having a issue at a con please always contact the staff. They are always there to help, and let them be the final authority for whom we are to judge. If you don’t like how a con is run, don’t go.