Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 New Monthly Charge for Enterprise edition

By Gordon Kelly as originally posted on

For months Microsoft has been describing Windows 10 “as a service” and now we know why. Microsoft is going to introduce a monthly subscription fee for Windows 10 usage…

That cost will be $7 per user per month but the good news is it only applies to enterprises, for now. The new pricing tier will be called “Windows 10 Enterprise E3” and it means Windows has finally joined Office 365 and Azure as a subscription service.

Of course the big question is now: How does this new subscription pricing affect the millions of consumers who upgraded to Windows 10 on the promise of it being free?

The good news is Microsoft has gone on record to say it is not being passed down to consumers at this stage: “This new subscription model is not associated with our current upgrade offering or applicable to the Windows 10 consumer edition,” a Microsoft spokesperson told PC World.

Could Microsoft eventually introduce Windows 10 monthly subscriptions for consumers? Without doubt, but I would be highly sceptical they would apply to anyone who has already upgraded. That said there is likely to be a threshold in future where Microsoft will draw a line in the sand for the ongoing addition of new features without a fee.

Ferzu Plans vs. Reality

A Real Look at Ferzu here is there free vs. pay versions

Always Free! For a low monthly fee


View full-size photos 25/day Unlimited
Browse a list of photo thumbnails (latest, favorite, random, etc.) Last 40 Unlimited
Upload photos 100 1000
Upload restricted photos (visible only by members you follow) 1 10


Outgoing message, flirt or post on someone else’s wall 10/day Unlimited
Incoming message, flirt or wall post Unlimited Unlimited
Reply to a message, flirt or wall post Unlimited Unlimited
Browse a list of messages in Inbox, Sent, etc. Last 50 Unlimited
Search inbox 1/day Unlimited


View member profiles Unlimited Unlimited
See who’s viewed your profile Last 15 Unlimited
Anonymous browsing No Available
Block members 100 1000
Search members Unlimited Unlimited
Search global newsfeed 2/day Unlimited
Post a status update & comment on a post or photo Unlimited Unlimited


Site-wide “my type” filter Included Included
Mobile apps (coming soon!) Included Included
Multilingual interface (7 languages) Included Included

Ferzu as you know has been advertizing a hell of a lot, but in all honesty what you can actually do on the site is very limited. I been there for a couple of weeks, they claim they are also a dating site, although they do have a filter and a way to search. The reality of it unless you’re between the ages of 17 to 26 you’re not going to find a date. When there are almost no one over the age of 30 on the entire site.

Honest Opinion

With the options you have to pay for are coming by Oct 1st, I think very few furs will even use them. After checking out a couple of profiles there is almost zero art, photos and writings on the entire site. 99% of those who use it, treat it like any social media we happen to belong to, and that is post whatever the hell we like and move on.

It is hard to say if Ferzu will be around a year from now. Reason being running a website can get expensive as the owner of Furnation has informed me. $100 a month in expenses are average. But we will see.