This Fuckin’ Year

2016 has so far been the most insane year of my entire life. I am including my own health crisis back in Feb. in this. I have friends, who have become high strung over personal issues. Another said they won’t even go to a con over something I thought they forgave me for.

Then there is this election, INSANE. I have never seen so much hate in 1 election. Then there is the amount of lies being told on both sides, with sadly those who need help is stuck in the middle. I have checked some of those facts and figures and they are wrong, wrong, wrong. I have even saw one that states the US spends some $900 Million a year on welfare for illegal aliens. Interesting number that is more than twice the amount according to official documents on what this country totally spends on welfare for everyone.

Not to forget the actual fights where the police has been called between 2 people over who would make a better president.

Don’t get me started about food stamps, in this country is a joke. Who can live on the $90 a month on average everyone who has signed up for the program gets.

Not even the politicians who say they will give it a try for a month. One even gave up after 3 days, and still voted against a raise. Don’t think this country saved a dime, that same money, in fact almost double that amount was used to paid our elected officials with a huge fat bonus for doing a good job.

Immigration in this country is the saddest it ever been. Did you know 7% of those deported are in fact legal aliens with Green Cards get deported every single year…for stupid reasons. I know of someone who was deported over a minor fender bender. One the insurance companies weren’t even called in on.

No wonder those who live outside the US LOL!!! at those who live in the US. This country has sadly become a world wide joke, and frankly it doesn’t matter who gets in it is only gets worse when the people elected to public office only think about themselves and not the people who elected them.

I think Thomas Jefferson was right when he said we need a new constitution every 19 years. Look it up, it’s true. That is the other thing you see in those memes they so often misquote great leaders from the past. Frankly I hadn’t seen 1 that got it right.

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