September FurCons

Sept 2 to 4 2016 Mephit Furmeet Olive Branch, Mississippi, US

Sept 2 to 6 2016 Zampacon Italty

Sept 9 to 11 2016 Brasil Fur Fest Santos, Brazil

Sept 9 to 11 2016 Furry Migration Bloomington, MN

Sept 30 to Oct 2 2016 Arizona Fur Con Scottsdale, AZ

The San Diego walks Towards the Sunset

Ted Giannoulas better known as The San Diego Chicken recently announced his retirement. The news even took me by surprise as he has been around as long as I could recalled. He has had a fantastic career of making people happy. What really is better than that.

The NY Times did a fantastic article on him, filled with some of the best photos I ever seen. I urge you to check it out.


BLFC 2015 Con Book available for Download

blfc 2015-0001

This is the most incredible con book furry or not I have ever seen. Click Here to both view and download it