Copyright Issues

I know I been talking about copyright a lot lately. Mainly due to that one incident, and the more I think of it maybe because this blog is getting more and more well known. That in itself is a double edge razor, meaning if I make a mistake some people to lock on it like a hyena that hasn’t eaten in a week. I maybe overly, overly to the point. But like everything else in this country copyright laws are a mess. Why do I say so, for 1 simple reason. It seems every time a classic character or a particular film library is getting close to being declared public domain. The power that really runs this government of ours calls an employee IE a senator who they own and requests and extension in the copyright laws. Which is now 75 years, I been reading of rumblings in the Wall Street Journal that they might want to extend it to 125 or even 150 years. But it didn’t start out this way, it seems back in the 1920s it was just 5 years, now look what it has come to.

I feel it’s time to explain why I posted an imagine with a do not copy message. I finally got permission from the artist this morning to release this information. It seems the pay site that was hosting that same image stole it from Deviant Art and posted it on their site to make money. Btw I would’ve not gotten into trouble. But everyone just blew this experiment all out of proportion. You would simply not believe the threats I received.

The stealing of art, writings, etc online is rampant. Some of the magazines I am now posting came from multiple sites. Some have been available for years and these are commercial sites. But who gets into trouble, yours truly.

What I like to see are copyright laws that make sense. For example older material 5 years from the date of publication. If you want the copyright to be longer post a notice somewhere, and link it to and from every site you happen to belong. There are a whole host of free sites out there. If it has been published say by Rabbit Valley 5 years from the date they last sold a copy. Otherwise the artist and or writer has to post a notice somewhere.

These are just my suggestion.