My 9-11 Tribute

My tribute to 9-11 it really isn’t that video that has been circulating but it’s the same song. I still find it painful to watch what happened on that day, and how the world has changed since that fateful day.

What Happens when you Google titles of old Furry Fanzines

With those furry magazines left to scan I decided to share with you the results of Googling the titles

Centaurs Gatherum

A brief mention on Wikifur when broken down has zero useable info


This is the net result

Bestiary and yes it is a furry publication

Nothing save for this and it isn’t a furry publication


zero info


It seems to be a rather interesting story. It seems it’s COO KitFox at one time ran a premium furry art website. Then after a short period of time took it all down. All I know is there is a brief mention on one site that the cops are looking for him. But that was posted back in 2007 But I did find him on a couple of Artist Beware sites, the usual story taking payment for work and never actually doing it.