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Bojack Horseman Season 3 ending episode (Spoilers)

Okay so I took longer than most people to see the season 3 wrap up episode which started with Bojack still in shock days after Sarah Lynn’s funeral. Dejected and feeling worthless as he feels he is to blame for her death. But also feeling worse than he ever had that he is a waste of space. Not even his biographer Diane Nguyen can disagree with him, that everyone he met would of done better if they hadn’t met.

So we see Bojack leaving LA, on his way to who knows where. Driving at high speed and with his hands off the wheel and not looking where he was going. No wonder some think he is going to kill himself.

But I think they are forgetting about what Bojack said during the making of Secretariat. He always wanted to be like his hero, but never felt worthy even to run.

It’s hard not to notice that is a series where the main character is an anthropomorphic horse. A definite lack of horses in the entire series is hard not to notice. Then this season they suddenly appear, a few at first, but in that last scene an entire herd running.

I am leaning towards Bojack joining that herd. What twists and turns that may take has to wait to next season.