The Story of Furry Publishing

Recently Fred Patten did an article that appeared on The Dogpatch Press site on the current state of Furry Publishing. You soon realize there is more than one or 2 companies out there. Most are small and independant, who mainly have their works published by a 3rd party companies.

He goes into a lot of detail about each company, and does a really nice job of it. You learn a lot about them.

Although he never stated which company is taking submissions. I can tell you from personal experience you have to match the work work with the product they release. For example only and btw they are NOT taking submission atm. Rabbit Valley mainly published what some call comic books. More action adventure and a lot of hardcore sex, I would imagine if you had one that contained both you have a hit on your hands.

The article is well worth checking out and especially those who like written work, it is definitely work checking out.

A 1TB SD Card

Sandisk announced back in Sept. of the release of a 1TB SD Card. Which for now will eliminate the need for professional photographers to change cards that often. The same can be said for the home user who takes tons and tons of videos. Although no price been announced it is expected by some to retail for more than $200

You Think You Have a Bad Job recently posted a report on a list of the 10 Worse Companies to work for and you would not believe which one was #10 Game Stop, a company that regularally low balls it’s customers, while it charges sometimes more than retail prices for used games. I personally have bought what later turned out to be pirated titles at GameStop here in Chicago and it really didn’t matter which one.

America‚Äôs Worst Companies to Work For

Furries?!!! Possible Murderers

There is a story coming out of Fullerton, CA about these 2 guys dressing up in animal costumes in order to murder people. Let us hope they are not real furries like reports are saying

MFF 2016 Dealers List Announced

Looks like it’s now official they posted a list of dealers on the furcon’s site and it’s HUGE