Fingers Crossed

Got a 2nd and 3rd email from MFF reminding me about the photographer thing they are doing for Furry Menagerie. I figured since a lot of people is making a HUGE deal with me about equipment, and I still say a good eye is more valuable when taking a good photo over expensive equipment.

Is America on the verge of a 2nd Civil War?!!!

Is America on the verge of civil war as some claim. My answer may surprise some…I say maybe. Reason being more people than you believe in fact about 80% of those I spoke with are nervous on what Trump might do, and this all goes back to his campaign speeches. Some which if fulfilled actually violates the law and the constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Yes I know what I am talking about as I have actually read them.

These people aren’t the 1% or the 19% that have good jobs that pay a decent salary. These are the people on the edge of poverty and are sick and tired of the way things are. Which is why I now believe Trump won. But these same people aren’t blind they have seen the messages of hate, which I won’t blame Trump or even Obama for as some claimed. Because they have always been there since before this country even existed. It’s just boiled up to the surface like it did after the Civil War. Check the history.

These protests are literally the tip of the iceberg, and I want everyone to remember this. What happens next 100% depends on what Trump does while in office. If he starts slashing programs, I promise there will be a war, lead by the Vets he so often promise to help.