Jay Naylor

Really I have nothing against Jay Naylor or his work, but really as much as he tried to protect the copyright to his works. His name has faded over the years, his site is getting less and less hits. In fact parts of it are broken and it’s like he even says he hasn’t got the money to fix it. 2011 was 5 years ago when he was on top, he had a play, he was being interviewed. I saw the podcasts on his site, his works were available everywhere. But really except for a few pieces of work, he really hasn’t gotten that much out there over the last few years. I can’t even remember the last time I heard anyone talk about his work.

One exception the Fall of Little Red and that is mainly criticism for taken a public domain character along with one of his own characters, and creating a story where humans fall to wolves. As much as my fursona is a red wolf and I do like his work I always felt uncomfortable with the series and how it has marched on over the years. Enough so I may even write my own conclusion to the tail which ended in a cliffhanger.

As much as I don’t like getting into other people’s business I just have to say it’s maybe time for Jay Naylor to pull back from the fandom to get a new perspective. The fandom is going away from adult comics, although it is still out there, they don’t do as well as clean works. Even though I do post adult works, it’s hard not to notice that trend. Especially when someone is creating art that is esentually bestaility. Face the fact it’s true, also his characters look more human than animal. That is the biggest thing I noticed over the years. We are getting off the human form and turning more to animal.

I invite Jay Naylor to post a comment in rebuttal to my criticisms. But as of now this is my opinion.

Genus issue 02 is now available for download


Genus issue 02

You get 5 comics in this issue the first one up is “Mink” part 1 by Kjartan Arnorsson. Simply ‘Mink’ is the story of Laura Waller a student who dreams of a grand life after finding a book on magic, until reality sets in. Exellent comic

Nite Crawler by Brian Sutton is a short one page comic about this woman who dreams of being walked around naked on a leash, who then decides to get some practice in. Interesting explores the fetish with a sense of humor. Thumbs up

Mouse Foofing by Lea Hernandez About this woman who become obsessed with catch the mice she sees on her kitchen counter, so much so she accidentally sets her house on fire. Good lesson with a good sense of humor.

Technical Knock-out by Jeff Woods & Dennis Clark Is a story about Kandid and her boyfriend Ted going to a sleazy boxing match and where Ted winds up going into the ring to win the $2000 prize. Until Kandis stands up and replaces him. Turns out she is fighting a robot. After getting her ass almost handed to her, Kandis figures out a way to win and with one good blow knocks that robot off of his feet.

But instead of winning the $2,000 which the promoters never had in the first place. Kandis wins the robot and becomes her servant.

This one proves women can be smarter than men, 2 paws up.

There are a couple of pages of clean art near the end which are really nice.

Download link