Midwest Furfest 2016 Announcement

I will be at MFF starting tomorrow, and like usual I will reporting on everything that I see and hear…truthfully. Nothing will ever be made up, I just want to deliver the complete and total truth. Due to my travel times as I will not be staying at any hotel near the convention all my reports will be the following day. Like usual I will be posting a majority of my photos on Flickr and new this year thanks to a better smart phone. I will be uploading photos to both my Twitter and Instagram accounts live at the con.

Introduction to Furry 101

Call this what this an an introduction to Furry 101. Basically it’s a guide to help the newbie furry. I am putting this article in PUBLIC DOMAIN. You’re free to use it without permission. A writing credit would be nice and a link back to this blog would be even nicer but it isn’t required. Remember Public Domain, copy and paste it, with my permission.

So you have decided to become a furry, which basically means you are a fan of anthropomorphic animals. In other words animals with human characteristics. A couple of good examples are Bugs Bunny, The Pink Panther or the cast of Zootopia.

You might think there is more to that. But really at the most basic level that is what a furry is.

But if you want to go in deeper you could create your own fursona. That is a creature that you have created that represents you in animal form. You might think I am joking when I say there are no rules to what it can be. But really there isn’t any rules. Fursonas can be anything, from your standard fox, dragon, or something you created on your own. Even bugs can be a fursona, like I said there are no rules.

All new furries assume that they need some sort of animal costume or Fursuit as it is generally known is required. They think it’s some sort of uniform and is required by some furry rules. Let me straighten this out once and for all…a Fursuit is a personal choice. The fact is a good one can easily cost over $2,000, you can get overheated very quickly and pass out, and could get filled with sweat. Really limits who are ready, willing and able to wear one.

In fact and this is solely based upon my personal observation that 34% of all furries even own one. Even though they are more common than ears and a tail. At most furry conventions the furries are wearing normal clothes that you would see anywhere, even on your way to work…really nothing special.

Like fursuits, tails are the next common and you see those more often than ears or both. But they are a personal choice and nothing more.

Speaking of Furry Conventions, I can assume from the media and posts by other new furries of how some think Furry Conventions as orgies. Believe me nothing can be further from the truth. Furry Conventions or Fur Cons are a place to have good clean fun. Remember most take place at family friendly hotels and they have their reputation to think about. Really if something sexual was going on why would we be invited back year after year.

As I always tell someone who never been to a Fur Con, they are different. Think of a place that you can act like a little kid and no one is going to be judgmental. A fur con is a place to have fun and relax, we get so stressed out in our daily lives it’s really nice to have a place where you can unwind, and getting hugged by a 6 foot dog or even moose is really nice as well.