MFF 2016 Day #1

It is absolutely amazing on how you can work yourself up into a good case of anxiety. That is what happened to me, I had such a bad year, health issues, major setbacks, I even had in one case sent out 3 money orders and all of them lost in the mail. Really this time yesterday I was wondering should I go to MFF. I live in Chicago and I can get there by public transport in roughly 90 mins. So getting there really isn’t an issue.

Almost as soon as I stepped into the hotel, I started to feel like my old self once again, and getting hugged by surprise by that fursuiter whom I met recently at a furwalk helped me more than she will ever know.

One thing after another turned out GREAT, I finally saw the opening ceremony, and it took 4 cons to finally see it. The Your 1st Fur Con panel was great, and how to be a fursuit handler was down right fun. But 2 amazing things that blew me away. First was meeting Grrrwolf, a longtime furry artist whom I just interviewed for my blog. Such a nice guy, he makes everyone feel welcomed.


The other thing, I still am having a hard time to believe. The photo below is of a friend who is modeling I guess you can call a base for a fursuit head. I won it at Bingo yesterday. Elkdragon it’s host could not be any sweeter. It was also the very first game of Bingo that I ever won.



To top yesterday off I gave that base to my friend.

I feel utterly fantastic I can’t wait to see what today brings.