MFF Day #2

OMFG!!! What a day yesterday at MFF #furfest, I still can’t believe it. It started out OK, Waldolf a furry friend was right about the Furry Menagerie photoshoot of course. Besides they were looking for Portrait Photographers for the shoot. My speciality is Candid photos, besides I heard they picked the photographers an hour before the event. What to you see what I got, I really didn’t stay that long. What can I say I got bored. Now for the Good news, I got picked for the Fursuit Price is Right and had loads of fun, didn’t win but had a good time anyway. I went to a Getting Published panel, where I got up the nerve to ask about my unique short stories to a member of the staff at Sofawolf Press and was asked to submit them. No special treatment, but it seems they love unique short stories. Another bit of interesting is, it seems you have a better chance on getting published if you have a short story, rather than a novel. But then there was the Furry Variety Show, as every year before it this one was better than last years. Even Skrat was great, he is well known to local furries. But it even looked like he had a great time doing this take on Law and Order. But that wasn’t all, during the shows finale. These 2 fursuiters got engaged. What the one said as he got down upon one knee. Praising his love brings tears to my eyes, it was an incredible day yesterday.

I have no idea what is going to happen today.