Justin Jackalope by Stephanie Lynn

I had this commissioned at MFF


MFF 2016 Swag

The staff got this and a water bottle


Some Guests Got These Room Keys



The other sign you did not see on social Media


Next Year MFF finally has a theme


MFF 2016 my 3rd and last day sadly

Of what has been a remarkable fur con MFF 2016 has been, I started out with anxiety, now I feel a bit giddy. So what happened yesterday was this, I was hoping that my good friend Stripey Tabby would come, but she is getting over the cold and really didn’t feel like coming. It seems I woke up to this morning with her cold. When I got down there I had time to kill, before the Fursuit Dance competition, so I went to the History of Furry Literature panel. It really was interesting, it seems up until the early 2000s mainstream publishers were publishing works of furry in nature. But that isn’t why this stands out. It seems the panel host Mwalimu at the end of his talk mentioned the Furry Writers Guild, one group I have issues with. It seems after I explained what happened to me and I why I won’t even go near anyone of their people, 2 things came about. #1 He was going to talk to one of the head admins who was also there at the con about what happened to me. It seems they really do want new members. #2 It seems I am well known to those Furry Literature, and have a bit of a rep. Oh he did tell me why, because I hold nothing back, I speak my bloody mind.

I also learned that Fred Patten when does these Anthology books he is famous for. Gathers up material from all sources, and only does a simple check of who is still around and gets their permission when he can. Otherwise if he can’t find them he uses that work anyway.

Remarkably that is why a furry publisher is blocked from yelling at me, for doing the exact same thing.

The only one who can correct me on this point is Fred Patten himself.

That really did boost my ego a bit.

Then it was the Fursuit Dance competition, and later the fursuit games. Where I helped a fursuiter cheat, during a game of musical chairs. What can I say I had fun.

Then on to the closing Ceremony sadly, I wish I stuck around to the end. But I think it was the combination of the cold in the con and my cold.

What a remarkable MFF, I figured I went to a combined 10 panels and events over the last 3 days. Nearly tripling my best numbers from last year.

My regrets are few thankfully I wish I had arranged the 2 interviews that were suppose to happen. I just had a lot on my mind. Or why would I simultaneously accept 4 offers of being someone’s personal photographer. Thankfully it didn’t work out, I think I would not have enjoyed the con as much if it did.

Even though I am feeling a bit of post con depression I really had a lot of fun and wish to openly thank everyone. It is really what I needed after what turned out to be a really rough year for me.

MFF 2016 Facts and Figures

Attendance 7075

We saw an increase of some 1469, which is 548 over the increase Anthrocon saw. It’s also only 235 under the numbers Anthrocon did.

For a second year in a row MFF donated more to it’s charity than any other convention. $78,482 for Felines and Canines.