Furry Street Art

Yes it is possible to find Furry Art in the Wild, I literally found this on my way home from the grocery store yesterday. I don’t know who the artist is, but I would not think twice about hiring them for a commission.czvxr8lukaa7bxx

This Has to Be Fake…or is it

Ever come across one of those times that you look at something and think…It has to be fake. That is the way I felt when I saw photos and even a trailer for “I was a Teenage Wereskunk”. I admit it, I thought it was done as a joke. Then I began to look more and more into it, I was shocked it was real.

The Film has it’s own site

Starring Scott Monahan and Shey Lyn Zanotti all I can it was funded on Kickstarter and is available to watch on Amazon.com right now



Not having seen the film I honestly can’t say it’s good or bad but it did get a 70 on Metacritic

Kid Content Creators Also Perverts

Ranker.com did this fasinating article recently on 13 at one famous people who created works for kids. I won’t spoil the list by posting all the names. But if your curious click on the link and see who else would have been in the same theatre with Pee Wee Herman LINK