Untamed volume 2 review


I want to make it very clear that the 6 comics featured in Untamed volume 2 which is still available from Rabbit Valley HERE features sex between humans and anthropomorphic animals, and like any other sex comic you can think of has little plot and lots of sex.

Party Favor by Style Wagner

Features a human woman as a living serving platter for sushi to a pack of wolves and soon becomes the sexual party favor for the entire pack.

On the Hunt by Ebony Leopard

Features a human man at an all anthro sex club, really that is the entire plot.

Good Girl by Max Blackrabbit

Features a man and a female anthro dog trapped under the rubble of a burning building. It’s hard to know the sex that soon begins is fantasy or reality,

Cat Magic by Stephanie Lynn

Features a dream by this woman and her male cat Sebastian which only turns anthro after she falls asleep, and naturally they have sex.

Dog House by Steve Gallacci and Roz Gibson

Is the only one the 6 comics that has anywhere even close to an interesting plot. In the future dogs are anthro, wear shorts and sorta act like servants. Besides that we got what seems like the perfect family, except the father is both a drunk and violent against his wife. In desperation she turns to the family dog for comfort which includes sex. There is a minor sub plot over some kind of authority over these anthro dogs, but really it’s meaningless. In the end it shows the loyalty to the dog’s female owner. This one is really worth checking out.

Welcome by Heather Burton and David M. Stein

Which features a woman camping in Africa when a pack of hyenas drop by for sex.

Overall I would say it’s average for a sex comic, except for Dog House.