A Statement from Magnus Diridian AKA The Con Fed Flag Suiter

Ahmar Wolf here, I am very aware that the most controversial furry in the entire fandom at this moment is Magnus Diridian, and that most if not all so called “Furry News” sites would even give them a platform to make a statement. Some might even accuse me of trying to make a name for myself. But really all I am doing is giving a furry a chance to speak for themselves. Dealing in facts and not rumors, like what happened at MFF 2015 when I saw them running down the hall towards the Grand Ballroom with their flag raised high.

It really wasn’t until I did some research on this piece that I knew the real story of the 20 rumors I heard over the course of the convention.

According to Wikifur In 2015, he generated controversy by creating Arkansas, a fox fursuit with a confederate flag pattern on his back. After wearing the suit to Midwest FurFest 2015, he was eventually detained by security and banned from the convention until 2017, “for (his) own safety”. The person[who?] who wore the suit in the fursuit parade was also banned.

Facts are the facts, do you find this offensive…


Which really seems to depend on your own feelings, I have friends on both sides of the issue. Meanwhile my view is “Who the fuck had the nerve to wear it?!!!” That is just me and I am being completely honest.

Call this what this is, a statement by Magnus Diridian in their own words, nothing edited.

The person that went into a black church and shot 9 people after sitting there for 45 minutes, was arrested. He posted a picture on his FB of him and the confederate flag.
Almost immediately afterwards, WALMART and EBAY simultaneuously BANNED all sales of ANYTHING confederate based.

even NASCAR asked people not to fly the flag at their races. This, of ALL places.

TV land REMOVED Dukes Of Hazzard from their air times, and an individual who actually OWNED a General Lee 1969 charger, PAINTED OVER IT with a current American flag.

And so, I started getting thoughts about how all of a sudden there is this big attack going on VS the confederate flag.

BUT, the final straw came when South Carolina voted to take down the Confederate Flag from their state capitol.

here is the ACTUAL ceremony

notice the honor guard marching out. 5 white, and 2 black. anything else would have been “racially unbalanced”
but listen to the people in the crowd

“take it down, take it down, take it down…yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…”
and as that flag came down, the crowd cheered

And THAT was the birth cry…of Arkansas.

This is our culture. For better or worse.

And why is it, all of a sudden, EXACTLY 150 years, that NOW, this becomes an issue?

Civil War ended in the year 1865.

I made that suit because I believe in rebellion against tyrannical rule, against the corruption of the state.
I’m from PENNSYLVANIA…WE WON!! Yet I support FREEDOM, and the right to live.

The south rebelled, because the north was doing to it EXACTLY what Britain did to it to cause the colonies to rebel in the first place.

They may call it the civil war, but I will ALWAYS call it THE WAR OF HYPOCRISY.


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