Genus issue 07 Review and Download


No Such Critter by Kjartan Arnorsson

Is a totally fun and furry take on what men and women find attractive, as the title says No Such Critter

The Feedstore Conversation by Donna Barr

Another GREAT comic is about these apes chatting at a feedstore about how men and women treat one another. Great satire on relationships.

The Big Surprise by Kjartan Arnorsson

A anthro female cat gets a surprise gift, a male anthro bull that is 3 times her size and the sex soon starts

Nikki The CHiPmunk by Dennis Clark

Oh brother what a take on the standard far of female cop, stopping lone male driver and sex soon starts. Not only does the cop gets better of the driver. Who only winds up with his own cum in his face.

Ringing Up Baby by Cindy Cromwell

A male anthro donkey looks for a easy woman, and winds up getting yelled at by her. The comment “And men wonder why we turn into lesbians”, Really makes a good point at the end.

First Time by Schirm

Ever see or hear someone using something else to describe something this comic is nothing but.

as well as artworks from Dusty Rhoades and Tygger

Very well done, very sexy

You can both view and download it here

What is Fine Wine to Dogs

Truth is I can’t make out the name to give proper credit


Tonic Bar and Grill closing it’s doors

Some of you might remember that Tonic Bar and Grill was the restaurant that the furries saved, as it was near where Anthrocon took place.

Some site Tonic Bar and Grill closing due to a couple of factors, change in ownership, quality of the food, and prices.

They will be missed.

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