We all are Philosophers by Perri Prinz

I notice that other philosophers either don’t know about me, or take no interest in me. So I looked in on one of the prominent modern philosophers on YouTube to see just what goes on with the philosophers who actually got to get a proper education in the field, and I see there is actually a world of difference between what they do and what I do.

But the main thing I observed is that, in the modern world there is a vicious battle going on between the supposedly practical thinkers (Atheists, philosophers, patriots, trolls and such) and the old school folks like myself who put a strong emphasis on emotion and dreams.

This philosopher I’m watching on YouTube hates Baby Boomers. He thinks they ruined the world with their impractical ideas, while at the same time he worships at the alter of Capitalism. He thinks the salvation of the world can somehow be found in the worship of money. He puts forward that it is not money that has brought the world to its current state of ruin, but simply that the money is in the control of the wrong people. And so the solution to all our problems is anarchy with money, and no beating our kids. Basically just letting everything run wild while continuing the worship of the root of all evil.

Needless to say, I’m not terribly impressed by these ideas that promote sterile, emotionless, dreamless societies. I don’t think humans are anything of value at all without their dreams, and if they are not working together to achieve common dreams, nothing they build is going to be of any lasting value.

Modern philosophers seem to be embracing the Randian notions of self interest, but I see the folly of self-interest, as nothing I build purely because I want to build it is of any value to me if others don’t appreciate it. And things I do purely to please myself are invariably not embraced by validating throngs of people. Thus I find self-interest, like money, to be an empty thing full of false promise.

I miss like hell the times when all music and movies played to the emotions and dreams of the viewers, back when common human emotions were well understood and valued. Back then everyone searched tirelessly for themes that resonated with the heart. This is why Disney music tends to be more Tchaikovsky than Stravinsky. But nobody respects Tchaikovsky anymore. What good is Tchaikovsky in an age where nobody cultivates a heart?

The modern philosopher says the ways of the heart are folly. Work not for the common good. Work for selfish aggrandizement. Seek public validation for all rude and inconsiderate behavior. Let the individual feel empowered to condemn all others for not living as they would dictate. And let all dictates be backed with anger and self-righteousness. Let respect be demanded without being earned.

And thus we have come into a world of dreamless sleep, where no one is fully awake to reality, attempting to function without the full capacity of the human heart and mind, and consequently never developing them to their full potential.

Things are not better in the modern world. Sure there is more technology that makes tasks easier, but that is not an excuse to stop thinking and feeling. This is no substitute for that feeling folks used to get when an emotionally charged solo made the hair on the back of their neck stand up in a moment of sympathetic resonance.
Humans are not naturally selfish creatures. We are a collective species, ever seeking contact, sympathy and oneness with each other. The attempted mass suppression of this nature is far more harmful to the species than anything governments or politicians might be doing at the moment. Indeed, it is this very lack of empathy that allows such entities to get away with murder.

And so I rebel against the modern Randian philosophy. Selfishness has never been and never will be a good thing, nor is anarchy an answer to anything. As usual, humanity has got it all wrong, and nobody cares, because philosophy is a clinical science loaded with antiseptic to sterilize all the good Bactria that are necessary to the function of a healthy living soul.

I’m glad I never went to school to learn this evil science, and that what I create is geared to appose it by promoting feelings of empathy and compassion, may the world come to value such things again someday when this long, non-productive era of bread and circuses has passed to its well deserved oblivion.

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