Chaos Fountain – Book 1 of The Chronicles of Ascension by DCBallard in the works

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The story of Kyle Durlow and how he goes from Joe Nobody, to anything but. All because of a chance encounter on the streets of San Diego. From simply trying to convince himself that it was all some elaborate prank; to being convinced that this world he finds himself in was as real as the bank account his ex-girlfriend emptied for him. Kyle finds himself a fugitive from intergalactic justice, first running, and then turning the fight back on them. The Chaos Fountain is written from his perspective as he tries to get a handled on all he has been through, and what he has become after accepting the seemingly innocuous offer of a beer.

The story can be found here

There has been an update check out D. C. Ballard’s official site for availability

Pugmire in the works


pugmire-tabletop-01282016-615x476 is reporting

Those of us who have played tabletop RPGs long into the evening know that your pets sometimes like to help. Your faithful canine companions usually lend their names to characters and curl up on your lap. (Cats tend to sprawl all over the board, knocking over your freshly-painted miniatures and stealing your 20-sided dice. Just me?) Well, now you can play as a personified version of your pup in a new tabletop game Pugmire. The game is set in the future where dogs have created a Medieval-style society, complete with magic, evil cats, and monster-sized ants.

If your a furry and are interested in tabletop gaming you might want to give this a look

Nintendo Switch Price Set is reporting a price has been set for the Nintendo Switch.


They are reporting $249 and $299 which makes this unique piece of gaming cheap enough to buy for most gamers.