Genus 8 review and download


Chained Reaction by Kjartan Arnosson

At first when you see that naked anthro bull being tortured by a female cat you think one thing, when actually it’s a sex game. Nothing that exceptional 3 out of 10

Rough Housing by Brian Sutton

I am being to think sex role playing must be the theme of this issue. Male wolf plots and plans a conquest, until this woman shows up.

Pink Soft Cream by Tabitha R. Jones and James Hardiman

A good case of lesbian rescuing lesbian, with a lesbian having a mad plot 2 out of 10

Ringing up Baby by Cindy Crowell

A reprint from the previous issue but still a good poke at relationships 9 out of 10

Art is nice, fair quality nothing exceptional.

You can both view and download the issue here

Sexy Reindeer

artist unknown


By Diman


by Zen


by Sereiren


Everyone Can Be a Fursuiter

by Herbie Bearclaw