Genus 8 review and download


Chained Reaction by Kjartan Arnosson

At first when you see that naked anthro bull being tortured by a female cat you think one thing, when actually it’s a sex game. Nothing that exceptional 3 out of 10

Rough Housing by Brian Sutton

I am being to think sex role playing must be the theme of this issue. Male wolf plots and plans a conquest, until this woman shows up.

Pink Soft Cream by Tabitha R. Jones and James Hardiman

A good case of lesbian rescuing lesbian, with a lesbian having a mad plot 2 out of 10

Ringing up Baby by Cindy Crowell

A reprint from the previous issue but still a good poke at relationships 9 out of 10

Art is nice, fair quality nothing exceptional.

You can both view and download the issue here

Sexy Reindeer

artist unknown


By Diman


by Zen


by Sereiren